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Jeff Bernat

Jeff Bernat

Illinois, United States

A team of educators continue to develop a series of books to educate kids about everyday life experiences while being entertained.

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Jeff Bernat is an entrepreneur from East Moline, Illinois, he has many ideas under his belt, and the latest endeavor is about Mylo. "I got the idea for this book from my dad, who is one who likes to complain.  His response one day was 'I'm not complaining, just explaining!' " With some persistence and assistance from a few of his friends, Jeff created the character Mylo, who goes through a variety of life's everyday scenarios in the hopes to educate and bring a smile to your face.

Lisa Comeaux has a life long friendship with Jeff Bernat.  When the idea of writing a children's book became a reality, Lisa, an educator for over 20 years decided to join her friend in this endeavor.  "It is a privilege to be able to put my years of education and motherhood into the writing of the Mylo books.  

Jenny Marmion joined the team after reading the first Mylo book.  She is a reading strategist for the public school system for over 20 years, that has created curriculum to support the Mylo stories that deepen the life learning lessons while meeting state standards and benchmarks in reading.  Using the curriculum she has first hand knowledge of the students' enthusiasm for the books.
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Mylo Doing Chores

Mylo Story Books

A young boy who learns, participates through his inquisitive nature in everyday life experiences.

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Children Fiction Series
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Mylo is a young boy who complains a little too much.  He doesn't mean to- it's just his personality.  Mylo and the reader are learning about life through his everyday experiences.  Mylo realizes that while there are plenty of things to complain about, it could all be a lot worse.....and knowing this leads us to a better understanding and an opportunity  to develop good habits.  In "Mylo Does Chores" the story teaches Mylo that mom knows best we should listen to our elders. The reader is taught in keeping there room clean and teaching value in being organized.  This story teaches that everyday we need to keep up with our responsibilities and will have time to enjoy ourselves. 


Mylo's stories educate kids about everyday life experiences such as: going to the dentist, first day of school, going to camp, saving his pennies, going to his grandparents, family pets, being bullied, telling a lie, having chores to do and telling a lie and other everyday life experiences.  The story of "Mylo Does Chores" teaches how he needs to help around the house and hard work is always rewarding.


Who is the target audience-

• K-2 children
• Parents, teachers, daycare providers, pre school educators,
Marketing Insight-
• Curriculum offers literature based lessons
focusing on building great character, healthy habits, and ethics in young children. There are 9 character traits covered which fit into a 9 month school year.

Courage/Persistence/Respect/Responsibility/Caring/Honesty/ Fairness/Leadership/Self-Control


It is our goal to help young children learn basic desirable lessons and skills to become successful learners and members of society.

Data to Support Objective/Goal:

• It has been studied and proven that if children are not provided basic needs they will not grow and mature. These basic needs can be taught and provided through lessons that focus on life and all the obstacles that come with life. Teaching children how to deal with such situations will help them to achieve their goals and become productive members of
• It has been proven that if children are not achieving success
interventions can be necessary. These interventions do not always focus on the areas of development children need which can be emotional rather than academic.
• Our program addresses these emotional and social needs all children need to succeed., especially those that may not be getting these types of lessons at home and school or may have difficulties with these emotionaland social challenges.

Data to Support Objective/Goal:

• Our lessons are provided through multiple experiences that provide children a chance to learn the way they learn best. Every person has their own unique learning modality. These modalities cannot be narrowed to one approach. Our program includes lessons for each character trait focusing on each of the 4 modalities of learning:
• Targeting personal experiences for children to learn alongside one main character, much like them, Mylo. Mylo comes to life not only in his

books, but through his videos. Mylo introduces each trait in a pre-reading video and provides a conclusion as an after reading activity.

Getting to know Mylo and learning alongside him helps children feel like they are not alone on their character journey.
• Our program integrates literacy activities providing educators lessons that can be integrated into any existing reading program. The activities are Common Core Aligned to provide lessons that meet state standard goals and objectives.


Promoting the Mylo stories through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,  Pintrest and the website are the first steps in the marketing strategy.  The team is currently working to donate classroom sets of one story in the local schools as a strategy to gain student and parent interest and awareness.


1- Olivia, Simon and Schuster, 2000                               Description- Olivia is an energetic little girl pig, that shares her "my way only" attitude towards her daily life adventures, through a series of books.                                                 Difference- Olivia goes on many adventures that many children cannot relate to such as the ballet, art museum as she has more opportunity and privilege.

2- Arthur, Little Brown Books for Young Readers, 1983 Description- Arthur is an 8 year old aardvark, and his family and friends that learn how to be good neighbors to each other.   Difference- Arthur, an aardvark is a chapter book series geared to 8 and up.

3- DW, Little Brown and Co., 1988   Description-  DW is Arthur's little sister that causes havoc for the family.  The books are based on real life situations.                                              Difference- DW is an animal character.

4- Ramona, Harper and Collins, 1955  Description- Real life fiction, centering around everyday family and friends.  Difference- these are chapter books written from her 8 year old sister's point of view.

5- Fancy Nancy, Harper and Collins, 2005  Description- Fiction, Fancy Nancy is a young girl with a larger than life personality, who adores all things fancy. She always dresses extravagantly, wearing boas, tutus, ruby slippers, fairy wings, and fuzzy slippers.                                                                Difference- this large series of books is more humorous rather than focusing on life lessons.

6- Sesame Street, PBS, 1969 Description- an educational TV show to help students learn about everyday life lessons.  Difference- this is a TV show that was designed to educate kids about everyday life lessons.

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