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Joseph Isama

Joseph Isama


Joseph Isama is currently in his 3rd year undergraduate at Obafemi Awolowo University, studying political science. His experience in university and research work has afforded him the necessary expertise.

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About the author

Doing his studies in university he began asking questions, why some people under the same society or community become wealthy and successful, and others not as much. This question lead him to research in old-time principles and norms, which has liberalised itself into various individual practices, political ideologies, and traditional culture, that forms a happy and developed society.

He also, had conversations with sociologists, lecturers in political science, military experts, and normal people who gave him the necessary data to venture on this work. He listened to videos, forage book materials, and downloaded PDF and research documents, that gave him the impetus to take up this project, which will be his first professional project.
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Mysticism of Culture.

Unveiling the secrets of wealth, happiness, and development.

In a world of constant push for growth and a world still threatened by old divisions "mysticism of Culture" brings us to best of ourselves, making us happier, wealthier and more successful in life. It's a book that deals with moral philosophy, going deeper into some cultures and norms of diverse societies, finding the secrets of happiness and success.

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Society & Culture
60,000 words
75% complete
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We live in a world that is constantly threatened by discrimination, loss of identity, and unhappiness, "Mysticism of culture" is a book that seeks to usher individuals and societies to their best selves for growth and happiness.

This book tries to solve world problems of an individual and societal nature. It uses the aspect of inductive scientific analysis, in delving deeper into some cultural norms and philosophies of some societies to lead one to the appreciation of diversity. For example, in the first part of the book, I go into the Asian concept of Yin/Yang to explain the need to appreciate and respect women in all societies, as this will bring about peace and development.

By reading this book the readers will gain several benefits that will increase their happiness and self-growth. But these are some benefits as written below:
• their consciousness of their unique strength will be discovered.
• they'd be able to have an acute understanding of their surroundings and seek opportunities therein for their personal wealth.
• they'd be able to have the ability to understand and appreciate other cultures.
• they learn to appreciate themselves.
• a cosmopolitan mindset will be created in my readers, to shun tribalism, racism, and discrimination in all its shades.

Seeing the need for a work on moral philosophy, as our world is growing more divided as new technologies are coming in, the author's experience studying political science in undergraduate has given him the requisite skills and experience to venture on this project. Also, he has been able to make research, studying various norms, habits, and cultures that have shaped an individual and society for wealth, development, and success.

Sales arguments

  • The problem that the author seeks to solve is much needed by social and news media groups, that engages in cross cultural discussions, like the "daily media show" hosted by Trevor Noah, who is a winner of several awards including the Emmys, and has more than 8 million subscribers on "the daily show" YouTube channel.
  • The research and the author's undergraduate studies has given him the needed following and support for this project.
  • Also, making use of affiliate and influencer marketing to reach wider readers.

Similar titles

  • "Things Fall Apart" by Chinue Achebe, published in 1967, by Heinemann Ltd. This is a novel that has inspired my earnestness in writing a work that uses a culture to bring forward a shared identity. My highlight of "things Fall Apart" is about a man, with all the successes gotten from personal exploits and sheer physical strength, lies an unhappy man, who does not know that he's identity has been maligned by acceptance of an alien culture.
  • "Tribal leadership" by Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fisher-Wright, published in 2012 by harper business. This book has similar content to my manuscript. It focuses on having a leader that feels and understands the pulse of a particular community or tribe, and lead this tribe with values, that can lead to their development. In my book I call such a leader a "cultural leader"


Primarily for policy makers and individuals who want to be happy and be a better influence in their communities.

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The talisman and appreciation – the nudge

There was a man in the Igbo kingdom who wanted to go for a wrestling match, one similar to the Chinese judo. So he went to confide with a Dibia (a chief priest) on how well he can be victorious in the match. The dibia listened to him and carved a black cat, a “talisman” made of wood and gave it to the wrestler. The dibia informed him more about the cat, the characteristics and physiology of the cat; that a cat never lands on its back. In that, he tried to impress the characteristics of the cat into the wresters mind so as to enable the wrestler incorporate the physiology of the cat in fighting.
Then all the time the wrester goes for a match, he becomes victorious. During any of his match when he thinks of the cat, that “a cat never lands on its back,” he becomes transformed psychologically and physically and he garners more energy and more skills to win the match.
We humans are not created to be perfect. We all harbor a degree of doubt. We sometimes lack the ability to be self-disciplined. But a nudge in the form of an artifact, a mentor, or book, or an idea, helps individuals in navigating through difficulties. Some might be against this notion of things, that they say this is Idolatry or polytheist. That having a black cat as a model to behavior is idolatry. Idolatry is when we worship or give much appreciation to a deity or an artifact, image, without understanding and imbibing its true essential properties in ourselves and actions. Idolatry is simply an idea of false worship. And I’d say that all cultures and traditions have always being guilty of that.
When people worship a God of Abraham or Ismail, and they go around killing innocent souls without redress, I’d say that that is idolatry. One is worshiping a God that hasn’t fully impressed his characteristics upon oneself. Or a person who hasn’t understood the whole measure of the God he/she worships, becomes at least false worshipper, because God is worshipped in spirit and in truth. Emmanuel K Anizoba, the author of "Odinani’’, accounted in this book that
"no talisman, no matter how elaborate it may be, can bring you anything
if, from the start, you lack the firm will and the ardent desire to
succeed. The talisman simply helps you to keep the mind on the object
of your desire, to conserve a strong will and your faith in yourself. But
he who carries a talisman without understanding its meaning and goal
is like a child holding a book on nuclear physics.’’
A talisman is device in the form of carving, painting, picture, that serves as an aid in reminding and educating an individual or a society about those physical, psychological, spiritual components, that aids in the growth and development of an individual or a society. A talisman can be anything or a person people look up to for inspiration and courage. A talisman helps in attaining the ideals of libertarian paternalism of which Thaler, the nobel laureate in economic science, advocated in his book ‘’the nudge.’’ He writes that the nudge serves as an encouragement, or let us say an incentive to do the right thing and get the best rewards, without coercion from the government.
When a soldier is on the battlefield, loosing grounds on enemy lines, and he sits behind a protective cover, he opens a pendant and sees a small picture of his wife and children. In that moment he rises up with full strength and inspiration, causes a retreat of the approaching opponents, making him garner enough time for back-up. Seeing that picture acted as a moral boost, a talisman, a crutch, a nudge in the effort of the soldier.
A talisman in some cultures are prayed to or revered so much that the people offer sacrifice to them for their needs. Sometimes we appreciate the fact that they’re intermediaries to where want to go. Before we see the President of a country we go through some procedures or persons. We appreciate the fact that they are some people whom are closer to the President that can easily relay our request. It is so for self-discovery and passing challenges. We appreciate those that have passed similar hurdles, and maybe in watching a video of that person, reading a biography or a seeing a picture, we become more equipped with tools on reaching our destination.
Africans understood early on that humans are being fashioned by images and sensory impression. That we tend to think more through our visual interpretations. That what we see around us acts as buffer to our attitudinal make-up. That’s why they tended to represent goodwill by instituting crafts, made of different materials of clay, iron, bronze, to represent deities, that acts as saints to the African people, so when they kneel or sit before them in meditations, they could easily register into their psychological makeup, the significance and moral essence of those crafts.
Those crafts where created to embody not just the person, but the moral significance of that person or deity. But overtime, through weakness and selfishness of man it has been abused and degraded.

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