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Joseph Isama

Joseph Isama


Joseph Isama is currently in his 3rd year undergraduate at Obafemi Awolowo University, studying political science. His experience in university and research work has afforded him the necessary expertise.

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Doing his studies in university he began asking questions, why some people under the same society or community become wealthy and successful, and others not as much. This question lead him to research in old-time principles and norms, which has liberalised itself into various individual practices, political ideologies, and traditional culture, that forms a happy and developed society.

He also, had conversations with sociologists, lecturers in political science, military experts, and normal people who gave him the necessary data to venture on this work. He listened to videos, forage book materials, and downloaded PDF and research documents, that gave him the impetus to take up this project, which will be his first professional project.
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