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Vladimir Vassilenko

Vladimir Vassilenko

Varna, Bulgaria

Vladimir Vassilenko - entrepreneur, investor, and writer.

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About the author

Born January 1966, Kazakhstan. Permanently living in Bulgaria.
2 years in the Soviet army, University honors degree, and international companies experience. Visited more than forty countries independently and as a part of delegations.

Vladimir was a University lector for a short time, followed by the international business experience, as: general director assistant (Kazakhstan); supervisor (Switzerland); sales supervisor (USA); marketing manager, commercial director (Canada). Entrepreneur since year 2002 – building, business development, investment.

Since 2007 created in Russian language about thirty miniatures, stories, traveler’s notes; novelette “Maya. Chronicle of one life”; the novel “Namtar”. The second part “Elam” and the third novel “Tears of Ur” would crown the trilogy.
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Those, who conquer the peaks. In ancient Sumeria, only the tenth were them. Namtar is a unique combination of historical studies of the long-vanished civilization and a literary work.

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Historical Fiction
80,000 words
50% complete
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The information about ancient Sumerians is primarily academic in nature. It is intended for a narrow circle of specialists. The author’s idea is to make it accessible to a wide range of readers.

Without pretending to have absolute scientific and academic accuracy, using artistic fiction, the novel is based on historical realities and facts. These elements convey atmosphere of that time and immerse the reader in the world of the long vanished civilization.

The heroes revived in the novel, possess features and performance similar to modern people, but possible coincidences are casual. An intent reader will find parallels with the disappeared Sumerian era and our society - our era, which replaced the Sumerian.

The author, Vladimir Vassilenko, has published Namtar in Russian. Now, he's seeking for native English publishers to spread the historical word and the reflections on it.

Why support this book?

  • Please read the unedited (and without proof-read) sample of our book:
  • Historical fiction genre takes only 5% of the market share in USA. Thus, we want to emphasize that our book is in the Romantic genre
  • Sumerian theme is mainly historical. With a pinch of artistic license, the author presents the ancient civilization in a more accessible way
  • Our book already exists, and we would be happy to present it to the English speaking audience
  • The novel is intended to develop into a full length trilogy, and Namtar is only the first part

Similar titles

  • Sumerians: A History From Beginning to End by Henry Freeman. Self-published 2016. The book shows Sumerian history, but is scientific in its nature. Vladimir's book is "non-historical," where artistic license sometimes sacrifices absolute historical truth
  • Kingdoms of Sumeria by Amazon Prime Series. The plot is straight historical. With a right manuscript it's possible to create a movie, or series; considering it's the Amazon Prime, and Sumerian theme is unusual
  • Trade winds to Meluhha by Vasant Davé. RR Roy National Agency 2017. The author unites historical facts with the fiction, and shows Sumerian civilization from eyes of a foreigner. As much as Vladimir's book, there is the protagonist and his story. However, the protagonist is a Royal dignitary, which allows us to show the structure of the Sumerian society and lifestyle in more details


Those, who conquer the peaks. In ancient Sumeria, only the tenth were them. Individuals looking for a compilation of existing historic information and artistic license. Printed version: for 40+ audience. eBook version: for 18-49 age group

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