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Lisa Oakman

Lisa Oakman

New York, United States

Lisa is a Clear Channel, Creatress & Therapist, who is currently being guided by the Universe, with just heart, to further her teachings and share her gifts freely.

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About the author

Lisa Oakman, is many things, but one thing is for sure, in whatever outlet she chooses to share herself it is her voice that will resonate with you.

While she often labels herself a Creatress, having many offerings, she has spent time in the arts as a musician, illustrator, and Therapist.

Lisa is also a clear channel that can bring forth messages from Source directly, from the angelic realms, or any energy living currently or no longer in human form. And, since Source energy the resides in each of our hearts, as well, she has the unique ability to also channel hearts directly - to offer them guidance should they not yet be able to hear their heart themselves.

Her writings are geared towards spiritual development, heart based connections, soul growth, the developing of intuitive gifts, as well as messages and conversation brought forth directly from Source Itself.

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*Many of us have difficulty hearing that voice within our hearts, however, since I am able to channel Source directly, it allows me the unique ability to also access your heart’s Voice with your permission.

And, while my book will offer pointers as to how better you can also access this voice, this reading will help give you the boost you need, to be more sure as to what you need to hear right now.

Now, this information will differ for each person. For some, it may discuss past hurts and how to navigate them, to undo a pattern that hasn’t been able to clear itself. Some may get more details about who they will become, or what paths they should pursue, again only deemed by what your heart feels is a suitable match for you to hear right now.

These readings, may also contain snippets of future happenings, or important relationship tid bits, but will not focus on those aspects as it is your heart’s wants to allow you to hear it first, then it will further guide you on a heart felt path. This is your heart’s want for you and in accessing the Voice of Your Heart you will further open to it’s knowing’s, to further guide you now.

This reading will also discuss how to clear anything standing in your way of being a more heart-centered individual, as it is through the Voice of the Heart that Source remains. And, once this reading is received and read, it will start accelerating your goals here, because, by stating you are ready to hear that Voice, means you are ready to grow.

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$1500 Speaking Engagement & Book Signing

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Lisa will visit your location, and speak about the book and other topics pertaining to her journey while writing it.

This can also be done as a fireside chat, should you be able to provide the space and the warmth of the fire!

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$2000 How to Leap - Three Day Workshop Offering

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This offering is for a Three Day Workshop with Lisa.

She will happily come to your site to offer this workshop, which can either be part of a bigger program, or as an offering in itself. Lisa ask’s that lodging and food, be provided for her as part of the package. You may work out the plans for the attendees of the offering.

In this workshop, there will be much discussion as to how Lisa just trusted, how she began to trust and how others can to start to listen to their own hearts knowing’s, to better guide them to their purpose here on earth.

Workshop activities will walk others through activities that are to teach them to trust their hearts knowing’s, to trust in others hearts and to let go of the blocks that remain that keep them from jumping.

We will openly discuss any fears that may arise, should one take the leap, and how one can be prepared to undo lack, feeling like a burden, or that horrible feeling when desperation sets in. Since leaping can entail a wide spectrum of things, we will discuss it in correlation to life paths, relationships, business launching, and future possible moves.

All participant's will receive a Voice of the Heart Reading, delivered as a printed word document, and time will be made for book signings at the end of the workshop.

Any participant's that wish to have a one hour, talk therapy session with Lisa, may reach out to her directly, as she is happy to sit with you either before the workshop takes place, or after it has finished.

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$2500 How to Love Yourself Again - Five Day Workshop Offering

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This offering is for a Five Day Workshop with Lisa.

She will happily come to your site to offer this workshop, which can either be part of a bigger program, or as an offering in itself. Lisa ask’s that lodging and food, be provided for her as part of the package. You may work out the plans for the attendees of the offering.

Oftentimes when a long relationship ends, we find that we no longer recognize ourselves anymore.

This workshop includes live discussions as to how Lisa not only had to face her, then, husband dying two times, but how in separating, she realized she had become someone other than herself.

Her journey, into self development started here, as much of what she learned, in regards to love, came after the dissolution of her 16 year relationship.

What she will teach is how to return to your joys, your hobbies, and how to amplify the love in your remaining relationships, so that you will find that you are already love and that a partner isn’t truly always needed to feel love everywhere we look.

We will also look at higher avenues of healing, and will partake in many guided meditations, music offerings, fire side chats and dancing, and other activities that are needed, for one to better find themselves again.

All participant's will receive a Voice of the Heart Reading, delivered as a printed word document, and time will be made for book signings at the end of the workshop.

Any participant's that wish to have a one hour, talk therapy session with Lisa, they may reach out to her directly, as she is happy to sit with you either before the workshop takes place, or after it has finished.

125 copies + ebook included

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$3000 How to Access your Higher Self & Guides - Six Day Workshop Offering

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This offering is for a Six Day Workshop with Lisa.

She will happily come to your site to offer this workshop, which can either be part of a bigger program, or as an offering in itself. Lisa ask’s that lodging and food, be provided for her as part of the package. You may work out the plans for the attendees of the offering.

This workshop entails a live discussion on tips and tools as to how Lisa began, how she progressed and how you too can find what works best for you.

We are all different, and not each person will benefit with the same teaching's. But, this is where Lisa excels, as she can tune into to find wha it is that you need to better reach a place within your heart to focus enough to start channeling.

This information will give you the boost you need to connect, and once connected will amplify others showing up in your life to continue the journey to better access all there is that you need to know to better your time here.

We will partake in group trainings, talks and outings, as nature is another way in which to learn.

All participant's will receive a Voice of the Heart Reading, delivered as a printed word document, and time will be made for book signings at the end of the workshop.

Any participant's that wish to have a one hour, talk therapy session with Lisa, may reach out to her directly, as she is happy to sit with you either before the workshop takes place, or after it has finished.

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$3500 Intimate Gathering - Singing, Channeling, Talk

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In this unique offering Lisa will come to your location, and take your stage to discuss her book, and whatever else the Universe has deemed important to be shared. All talk will inspire and motivate one to want to know more about themselves, through her sharing's of the self, her guides and from Source energy itself.

At points, when she feels guided, she will also share her music, as a sound channel. As she is able to bring any voice from the past or current into a sound experience unlike another. So audience members may often hear a familiar voice, similar to a deceased family member coming through, but used as a tool to help heal all those in attendance, and to heal any obstacles still lingering that keep one from seeking higher realms of knowings.

When we gather, we gather of like energy, so what you are navigating, you can also be sure that all the others in close proximity to you in each moment of your day, are also experiencing like feelings, like emotions, or like beliefs, thought processes and learning’s. So together, in each moment we share, we have the ability to help one another, and just by being together as a group, we can blast through whatever is holding on to each of us, and that is how we change a larger part of the whole.

Each time she takes the stage, will be a unique experience, and still, each is sure to bring forth greater understandings of all those in attendance.

She will also make time to sign copies of her book at your venue as well.

She will come with a guitar, and a few other really gifted, intuitive musicians to add to the overall sound of the evening.

And, similar to the speaking engagements, further planning will be needed, depending on her schedule and your location, so time to make it all happen is very much appreciated.

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Net Worth: Nothing But Heart

How to Leap with Full Trust in the Offerings of the Universe

You can go far with nothing in your bank, but you can't get far with nothing in your heart.

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Mind & Body
75,000 words
25% complete
4 publishers interested


When one hears their heart, it is imperative to trust it, so when Lisa heard her heart say, “Sell everything, and meet me in Greece,” she trusted that voice, sold what little she had and leaped, when the time presented itself to be right. She left with a one-way ticket, with only enough money to cover getting to Greece, and two weeks of being homed and fed. The rest she left up to the Universe to decide for her.

But how does one get to this point, of fully trusting, with complete faith that what she has on her is enough? That she will have a roof overhead, enough food and enough socialization to make something happen?

In this book, Lisa will share not only the detailed progress as to each step along the way that she felt was important to be shared, but she will also share her insight, her learning’s, and how it is that she became that girl that has nothing but heart, yet has all she needs to pursue a fulfilling life while trusting the journey! She will also talk about how she found one of her most treasured gifts along the way, that had not yet been unearthed... her singing voice.

You see, when you trust in your heart and in the understanding that it is fully supported by the Universe, it allows you to trust in those that you are guided to, or to whom are guided to you, as it is through those connections that you learn that you don’t need much in the bank, but if you have enough heart to reach each connection that is needed, in the moment it is presented, that is when you understand the importance of having heart to begin with.

Lisa’s story will touch your heart. It will have you reaching new levels of understandings, that will have you wanting to re-look at your own heart, and where you feel you are currently. It will also bring much insight as to what you, yourself may have been taught about money, or about the value of another human being. As when you understand that a heart is worth so much more than the money it may bring, that is when you have a heart that is worthy of being fully supported by the Universe.

So, read it, do the inner work, and see what leap your heart wants you to partake in! We all have the courage, the strength and the support, if only we let go, and just trust!



Part One: The Grand Leap

Chapter One: When The Heart Speaks Doors Open

One day at work, I heard my heart say “Sell everything and meet me in Greece,” and in that moment I knew exactly where it was I needed to be, but yet I had no funds, or no means necessary to plan that far in ahead as I was only living from paycheck to paycheck. So, I did what I usually do when I can’t find the means to support the wants of my heart, I declared a statement to the universe!

This Chapter will also discuss how to see valuable offerings of the Universe in your environment, how to better hear the voice of your own heart, and how to affirm statements to better help you in your daily living. 

Chapter Two: The Universe Speaks

After receiving word that I would be garnished free attendance to the gathering, I had $240 in the bank. So, I declared to the Universe, “Make it work, for under $240,” and I immediately secured two one-way tickets to get me to Greece, for a total of $219.66.

I will discuss the use of GoFundMe, and how imperative it had been, in not only getting me to Greece, but in also making sure that my guitar made the journey too!

Part Two: How Does One Learn To Leap?

Chapter Three: Rewind

So how does one become bold, brazen and fearless, enough to leap with little but heart and the faith that she will find others to help her along the way? Well, in this chapter I will outline how I went from a girl that never left home, to that was able to jump solo, without much planning.

Chapter Four: Flying Blind & Going Solo

This chapter will detail the very first solo leap, that became a grand opportunity to face all scenarios in which one may face when entering the unknown, without much planning.

It will also visit how to trust in your surroundings, and how to better know when it’s time to move on again, and when a move you may have planned, isn't actually right for you. 

It will also address the common worst-case scenarios, that many fear when leaping, such as the lack of money, the lack of food and facing homelessness.

Chapter Five: When Desperation & Fear Strike

In this chapter, I will discuss how I overcame desperation and fear. As it is when you truly let go, that is when clarity appears and offers you, the next path, that can only become available once the fear, anxiety and delusions of what may have been better have all subsided.

Chapter Six: When a Heart Gives Way

In this chapter, I address what I faced after returning, from my first leap, to start all over again.

This chapter is meant to give more insight as to the people in your dwelling and living environment, as it is through understanding them, that you can get a better idea as to how to navigate living in a community of people later.

It will be the go to for understanding reactions, actions and hearts.

Part Three: Beautiful Hearts Meeting in Greece

Chapter Seven: Greece! Opa! 

This chapter discusses the arrival to Greece, the gathering, the people and navigating feelings of a deeper love igniting.

I will also discuss how I declared no longer wanting to offer myself to jobs that no longer serve my heart, meaning, I would only work jobs that used all of my unique to me gifts.

Chapter Eight: Trusting Your Heart

It is at this part of the book, I discuss what it truly means to trust your heart, especially when two paths are provided. On one path you have a clear offering, but the other, you have to seek yourself. I will share how I felt about the clear path, and how I felt about the path that had yet to be made possible.

I will also discuss, what transpired after choosing the right path for me, and how it was more than I ever could have dreamed of. As, in choosing this one path, I found my singing voice, after a lifetime of not feeling the want to sing!

Chapter Nine: One Disheartening Evening

In this chapter, I will discuss how in one evening I was shown what it was like to return to a state null and void of all love, joy and contentment. I will discuss how it felt to be disconnected from my heart, when I live solely from the heart for much of my time here.

This chapter will also discuss the best foods and substances for hearing your heart, and those substances that will deter and restrict you from ever wanting any connections, to people or otherwise.

Chapter Ten: Beyond My Time

And, here I am! I have stayed beyond my time in Greece, without funds yet made possible in order to make a move. So, I write and wait for another path to present itself, and with contemplation of my heart also having shared, “You remain until he comes to claim you.” 

So, just like any good fairy tale in the makings, with some plot twisting as to who the “He” could possibly be… for now, I just write, enjoy my time in the present and let my life unfold itself around me!

Chapter Eleven: Closing Chapter – Yet to be…



As for market insights, it is a well known fact that more and more people are looking to better their living enjoyment, and when that thought occurs, it also prompts a deeper monologue with the self. They start to inquire, “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” and “Where do I look for more insight?”

The genre to which they will look is the Mind & Body genre, where my book may be found.

My primary audience consists of those that are looking to better their understandings of the self, in correlation to their higher selves. Those on a quest to seek their heart’s knowings, to live more authentically and to live with purpose. Those that yearn to outgrow patterns passed down from their ancestors and their environments. Those that call themselves Spiritual Warriors, who are open to the understandings that they can overcome fears and emotions, and live in states of love, joy and contentment. And, last, but not least, those that look to further their Soul’s growth.

Trends show that the Mind & Body genre is on the rise, and while I can offer valuable marketing trends from credible publishing sources, I am also sure that the publisher in which I am best suited for will have their own market insights already in place. I seek a publisher that takes pride in putting forth books in this genre, who will value and understand that my audience will also entail others outside the realm of book purchasing, as I have many other avenues in which I offer myself, so that data has yet to be realized.


I love marketing!!! 

I maintain active accounts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I also share personal videos, quotes/teachings and energy reports (Full Moon, New Moon, or Heavy Energy Waves that are needing to be understood to better navigate) often. 

Since I am also a musician, I have the unique opportunity to promote in person, wherever I may be out playing. And, when I offer full performances, I also include a lot of valuable talk (truth-telling), alongside my music, which is another great outlet to promote/sell a book.

I also frequent festivals and gatherings that typically entail some form of spiritual development, music, or meditative offerings, and these outlets are a wonderful way to find the very readers that will benefit from my offerings. So, it is common for me to make many new social networking connections at these gatherings, as I am very aware that each connection is a possible future reader or future host organizer of a gathering that I may be invited to perform or present at in the future! 

Marketing opportunities are everywhere!


1.    The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo

Baker & Taylor – Ingrams; 2014

The Alchemist is a story of a shepherd boy who decides to travel the world in search of treasure. His journey is meant to teach the reader about the wisdom contained within. It also teaches the reader to notice the signs that the universe tries to provide, as sometimes, when you fail to see the signs, you may find encounters that may not be pleasant or wanted, but yet have much to be learned from.

The main difference is that my story is a true account, and on has the premise of living with little money and a whole lot of heart, while The Alchemist is Fiction. Also the character in The Alchemist had finances to start off with.

2.     Trust: Mastering the 4 Essential Trusts: Trust in God, Trust in Yourself, Trust in Others, Trust in Life, by Iyanla Vanzant

Hay House; 2015

This book, offers much insight on trust, in general and teaches how to better trust, and why it is needed now. The author also shares tips on  how you can look within yourself, to see where you may have trust issues to work on, to be able to better interact with others, and to learn how to trust in another person as well as yourself.

To mark the differences, my text is a true account of my learning’s as they happen, while hers are from a lifetime of thinking about trust being a part of everyday living and how one can better attune to learning how to better trust in all things they didn’t trust before. My text is also meant to connect each reader with the voice of their own heart, and while trust is a component, my main focus here is getting to the heart connection, as once that is reached, full trust is mastered immediately, and there is little that one will feel that they are unable to believe in, or do, after that connection to their heart's voice has been made.

3.     Be Here Now, by Ram Dass

Crown Publications; 1971

This book offers the first hand experiences of a Harvard psychology professor, Dr. Richard Alpert (Ram Dass). This book inspires the reader to to take that proverbial leap of faith, and to look deeper into the understanding that all current situations are only preparations for what is to come, in relation to your own spiritual evolution. The book stresses the importance of the spiritual side of man's nature.

In comparing the differences, I believe his journey was more geared to the knowings that one could evolve their entire being, where my text, with the heart connection being at the forefront, and being the main aspect of being able to trust your outer circumstances better, shows others that it is a process, but when taking each step, together, we can raise each other up together. My offering is a piece of the unknown puzzle, but an important key in reaching enlightenment. Each step, is unique in getting there, and while others may take different routes, the connection to the heart is useful to all those looking to aim higher.

4.     Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda

Self-Realization Fellowship, US (2006)

This autobiography helps the reader believe that the unattainable is attainable and the unbelievable is also believable. It also leaves the reader wanting to look deeper into not only themselves but in their surroundings.

In finding the differences, my story is only a small account of my growth here, where as his account is an entire autobiography. Also, my book focuses on the growth that one can specifically attain, where his text has a mix of offerings, of the attainable learning’s, but not much discussion about how one can get themselves there.

5.     Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse

Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group; 1981

This fiction novel, is about a young man, Siddhartha, who leaves his family to contemplate life, yet, in time he befalls on a life filled with greed, doubts, and lust. All of these emotions leave him feeling unfulfilled, but he eventually comes to the understanding that through these emotions he had become
someone other than he truly was, and that was a man of faith, silence and peace.

In looking at the differences, my offering is a true journey, expressed as it has transpired, while his offering is fiction. My text also offers teachings, that inspire the reader to further their learning's, and insights as to how better get there, as it is too how I got there myself.

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About five and a half years ago, I started taking steps to further my knowing’s of absolutely everything I could want to know more about! And, at that time I was very interested in spiritual development, healing from heart break, and wanting to learn how to to love myself again (after years of becoming someone I no longer felt I recognized). I also had a very strong yearning to connect to my Guides and my Higher Self, so, that also became part of my mission to satisfy my need to learn more.

I attended seminars, trainings, and after much schooling, in a variety of subjects, I must admit openly, that nothing can quite compare to the knowing’s and teachings contained in one’s heart. As the secret here, is that Source energy resides in each heart, so, once you tap into your heart, it will be that one true voice you can rely on.

The guidance your heart can offer is much more than anyone else can provide (including your Guides), as your heart knows every pattern you face, every obstacle set forth by ego and Source, and only your heart can help you remove these issues. In fact, when you start to hear your heart, it is then that it can show you what you need to look at further, and how to go about clearing any lingering reoccurring patterns of hurts or trauma, that may rear up from time-to-time.

I also want to add, that unlike channeling other Guides for support, which can often be interrupted by other energies (such as other light forms, thought processes or the emotions of others in your area), there is no energy that can come between you and your heart. This bond cannot be deterred, and once your heart’s voice is heard, you will then understand that it means business, and you will no longer trust any other person to offer you anything more, without the trust being first instilled by your heart itself.

So, if you have the want to speak with someone about something that your heart would want you to pursue, then you will feel strongly that it is right. However, your heart will now prohibit you from anyone who may harbor any ill will towards your growth here. Additionally, while that may sound a little ominous, it is only shared with you to make it clear that your heart truly does have your Soul’s growth set as its main priority, therefore it will keep others from adhering their wants of your heart to you, once you have validated that your heart is heard.

What does one first have to do to hear their heart more clearly? First, you must get comfortable with your heart having a voice, valid input and the utmost respect and love for your being!

As with any new territory in which we may venture into, we may often have reservations or inklings of some hesitation laying in the midst, ready to present itself in the very moment that you need to decide to either be the change or resist it. So, while this is natural, you can actually remove these feelings from your present time before they deter you from making progress forward.

How? All you need do is simply declare,

“I feel you. I understand why you are there, but I now proceed with my heart’s best interests in place. I ask that these emotions be removed from this very moment, and to only show up again, if I need a reminder that in feeling that hesitation or in having those reservations about doing something, there must be change occurring that I haven’t experienced thus far.

I choose to proceed with making change. I honor my feelings and appreciate the new knowing’s that are now set in place to better help me in times when my emotions may try to prohibit me from growth. I choose to grow, so, I now release any emotions currently in my way.

Thank you Universe.”

Onward! You declared that with might and integrity! Here’s to you, commencing to further your growth! Whooo whooo!

Now, we must tackle fear! But, before we get to far I want to share that fears are also another guidepost set in place to remind you that somewhere along the line you were taught that something you wanted to learn for yourself was deemed unknown or unsafe by another, so fear says, “Halt, I keep you safe! If you proceed, bad things will come forth!” But in all honesty, fears are just beliefs too.

There will be no harm to face when you are on a path to spiritual enlightenment, only growth, and yes, while some situations may be uncomfortable, those lessons also aid in our growth, and may have to occur, but when fear is no longer allowed to linger, those very situations can become less uncomfortable than they would have been should fear have been given the time to perpetuate itself further. So, when you tell your fears to take a hike, and mean it, they will!

Now, in contemplating all of the many fears that one may face, when reaching higher states of knowing’s, there are also significant historical fears to address, as societally we have made seeking our hearts, seeking God/Source inside ourselves, and seeking higher states of consciousness something that few achieve, hence the fear patterning set forth. You see, in those times, historically speaking, that information and growth was not yet supported or wanted by Source. So, those fears that were set in place then, limited most from seeking answers and growth, and kept us all right where we were meant to be.

However, we are now living in a time of enlightened beings, who are here to guide us further. Likewise, you are being prompted to join them! So, let’s address and banish any known or unknown fears right now, so, you too, can make the change for steady growth!

To those fears, declare the following,

“Fear, you are nothing but a bully, telling me what I can and can’t do for myself. You are no longer allowed to be present in moments when I want to reach new levels of learning’s, and new states of being.

I will be met with acceptance. I will be met with open hearts, and I will meet others of like wants and beliefs along the way.

Lastly, fear, I will no longer be looking to you for any reason. I cast you aside and I will now rely on my heart, as my heart will notify me itself if there is a dire need to feel unsafe, due to the wants of another that means no harm, but has yet to find their own heart.

So, I bid you Adieu, fear!

I do thank you for all the moments that you weren’t present in my life, when I was able to explore territory that wasn’t yet know, and fully enjoy not having you there to ruin the understanding that there is so much that can be achieved when you aren’t present.

Thank you Universe.”

Now, let’s talk about Source a little bit…

When Source Itself (which I refer to as It) first came through to speak with me, I remembered feeling utter fear towards It. However, in talking with It, the fear subsided, as when we communicated It was friendly, loving, humorous and truth filled.

I figured, then, that I felt scared because of all the times when I had acted unkind to another, or had a moment of not feeling sane, or perhaps a time when I felt greed got the best of me, etc., cause, I mean, It’s Source/Creator/God we’re talking about here! And, my ego was very much present then (emphasizing the very much).

Many years later I re-thought about that initial feeling I had then. I was no longer satisfied with writing it off as being my fear of getting in trouble. So, I asked, out loud, to the Universe, “Why did I feel that way towards an energy that is nothing but love?”

The next day, I felt a nudge to go to my bookshelves and I pulled out a book that I had yet to read. I opened it, and in the very first section, I found the reasoning behind the feeling I had felt. After reading some of the text, it was immediately understood that Source, as a frequency of energy, vibrates much higher than anyone could even comprehend, and which has yet to be fully understood by man, in general. I also understood that my ego had declared (since ego’s run much of the show until making a heart based connection), in my first communication with It, ‘Unfamiliar frequency, therefore foreign to your knowing’s, so you must act accordingly, and FEAR IT!’ See how fear reacts to the unknown?

I even came to recognize this later on when my own energy was perceived as being far too different to be understood by others, as well. Personally I had encountered, a handful of occasions, where I too was met with same fear I had felt towards It. In these moments I was reminded, that although we are all different energies, all seeking what ever growth we have set forth to seek, I was not meant to feel another person fear my being exactly who I am.

However, in experiencing it, firsthand, with the prior understanding of how I felt towards It, I was able to understand that I can also help others never feel misunderstood based on their success in furthering their soul’s growth. As, what is felt is a truly higher offering of love, and that should never be feared in another.

So, to all those that raise themselves out of the lower vibrations, and into a state of unconditional love, first I say thank you for doing the work, and second, this affirmation is for you! It goes as follows,

“I AM aware that we are not all currently of like vibration, but I am here to help others raise to my frequency. I ask that others only look to me with the same love and acceptance that I look to them with, and that any fears or hesitation that others may have towards my energy, while in my presence, is removed from here on out and forward, so that I can comfortably go about being the very me that I already am. And, that is a being of light, love, and contentment.

Thank you Universe.”

Now, to finish my introductory overview of Source, when I say that Source resides in all of our hearts, it is because we all have a piece of Source. It’s through this piece that Source, Itself, learns. When we pass on, and revert back to energy, it is then that Source is able to retrieve the information and learning’s that we encountered, in our time here, as all of our knowing’s are stored in our hearts, as this is where the soul rests itself, in human form.

However, if we are able to connect to the voice that resides in our heart, prior to leaving earth, that is when we master ourselves, as it is then that Source can readily retrieve our knowing’s, as we live as human beings. And, it is through that connection that Source is able to make greater changes to the whole. As we are now working in union with Source Itself.

Each heart that opens to the voice within remembers that we are all part of the greater mass, and those that open become harbingers of love, light and much knowledge.

Now, should someone not take interest in connecting to their heart, that is their choice, and for many, not yet needed as a part of their learning’s as of yet. So, Source is unable to guide them directly, leaving these hearts not absent of Source by any means, but just not in collaboration with Source.

Yet, when one is able to connect to Source within, that is when everything now opens to us. And, when one can better achieve all that they have set out to learn in being here, with a greater awareness of being a part of a much larger picture and in feeling very connected to all living, breathing things.

So, to those that are ready to connect, now is the time! As the energy of the time ahead makes it a perfect environment to learn at a rate that is unheard of in human capacity. As enlightenment is reachable for all, right now!

Now, there is no need to concern yourself the choices made by others, in correlation to them choosing to connect or not. As, another secret here is that when you grow, they too will grow. So, any work you do, will impact those in your living areas, those in your work place and those that you come into contact with, even without having interactions with them. So, as a whole, growth will always continue.

You see, we are each exactly where we need to be, in regards to our own growth. So learn to accept that each person is on their own journey, which may look nothing like yours, and trust that they too will learn what they need in a time that’s suitable for them to learn it in, just as you are doing now.

When you can accept the journey of another, this too is a key to better hearing your heart. As, in the acceptance of another, you tell your heart that you appreciate another for just being who they are. To which your heart says, now you truly understand that all people have purpose, even if what appears to be on the surface, isn’t truly who they are inside.

So, in all that I’ve shared, I do hope that the affirmations provided offer you the peace of mind you’ve been seeking, and that they help you feel more confident in dealing with any feelings that may arise that attempt to limit or deter your want to go further. I, personally, have found that affirmations help me keep my intentions set, and I also feel that affirmations and declarations can help propel one to achieve the growth in which they seek. There is so much personal power in declaring something out loud, which helps one in feeling more confident, more sure of what they truly want for themselves, and in feeling secure enough to believe it can be done.

I do want say, here, that you do know what’s best for you on your journey, so if at any point something doesn’t feel right with you, or you felt the want to change something to better suit your needs, please feel free to honor that and yourself! You are not required to follow anything that doesn’t honor your knowing’s or wants for yourself.

In my own journey I appreciated the teachers that understood that we all have different paths, wants, backgrounds, and beliefs. Trust that you already know what it is you seek, and you will find the right teachers to guide you. As this, too, is also part of the path to the heart, as those feelings, when something either resonates or doesn’t, that is your heart reminding you that it’s in there offering you guidance, even if you can’t hear it’s voice, just yet.

Your heart is your biggest ally, cheerleader and confidant, so when you hear it, booming deep from within the well of your being, you will feel it’s support and feel it’s want for you to achieve all it is that you came to earth to achieve.

Disclaimer: It should be stated here that your heart won’t serve ego, so, whatever guidance it provides will be in your best interest, and when it is time for it to be known. It will never deter you from seeking soul growth, ever!

I should also state another important fact here… ego also has a voice that will be present from time to time! And, in the beginning, it will be common to hear both simultaneously.

Also, as with learning anything new, it may take a bit for your mind to re-adjust to the presence of a voice other than the ego, since it’s been with you for an entire lifetime, contributing it’s commentary, on everything along the way! While your heart has been there your whole life too, you’ve probably only heard it murmuring in a few, really, really important times, when that guidance was imperative. But, shortly after offering it, it bowed out, let you proceed, and has been patiently waiting for your consent to be more present in your life ever since.

So, how does one decipher which voice is which? It’s easier than you’d think!

Ego will go on and on about something. Oftentimes, it will make you feel that you will get what you want (simply put - ego wants). Think of ego as being very vane, as it loves to hear itself talking, about everything, and it can go on and on for hours, if you let it continue. Whereas the voice of your heart will be clear, decisive, direct and always loving. On occasion, it may feel like tough love, because you won’t always feel you’re getting your way, but, you will come to understand that if your heart deemed it not right, that only means that there is something better suited for you to come.

Now, if your intent is to listen more to your heart, than your ego, you have to stop ego from penetrating your thought patterns. This isn’t hard, but it does take some concentration, as you first have to have the awareness that it is speaking, then nip it in the bud quickly, before it’s able to win you over with it’s chatter. So, to do so, affirm the following,

“I hear you loud and clear ego.

I now remove you from this conversation, as it is my heart that I wish to speak with now.

I know you will honor my wants and I thank you for being that one voice of reason, for much of my life, but I ask that my heart guide me now, from here on out.

So, while you may offer some insight, from time to time, that is deemed worthy of sharing, I ask you to now be still in moments in which I am communicating with my heart.

And while I know you will return from time to time, I do accept that you do so with purpose.

Thank you ego.”

Our egos are solely set in place to keep us from seeking growth (much like the fears I discussed earlier). As our ego’s voice can either prompt us to take action, or not take any action. So, when we start reaching our heart’s greatest wants for us, ego pipes up even louder, as again, it is set in place to keep us from knowing all we already are, but that we have forgotten we are. Meaning, it keeps us from attaining the knowledge that we are much more than human.

So, to contain the ego’s wants to share things that no longer work for you, only means that you are ready to know all you’ve ever been, and all you achieve to be here. Here’s to more growth! Whoo whoo!

Now, in continuing with other voices that may be present form time to time, I would also like to talk about Guides. Guides will also sound like your heart’s voice, as they will generally address you in loving tones, sometimes stern, or in tones of great importance, but instead of resonating from deep within (like your heart), they will feel outside of you. You might also hear them directly through your own two ears, should you be open to it.

Think of it as if you are sitting or standing with a close friend, chatting intimately about things  – as it will feel like this with your Guides. For the most part, many of them will announce themselves as being present. Some may offer a simple touch, a smell, or prompt a thought. While others may show themselves to you as a shimmer of light or an outline of the form they choose to share or through other visual outlets: like virtual ads popping into view on your computer screen, or license plates with messages, etc.

However, in the beginning they will always make it known that they are there with you, as to not startle you. They do understand how difficult it may be to accept them at first, so, they will ease into things with you and find a comfortable way to let you know they are there and that they care. 

We also have energies, to discuss, which can actually mean a variety of things. As, energy can be of the spirit realm, it can be an apparition, it can be a train of thought, etc., but just like your Guides, this to will also feel outside yourself.

I do hope that by sharing all of this, that it will be a good primer for many of the things you will read about in my book, and I also hope it will provide you with some useful tools to help in clearing unwanted emotions, blockages or belief systems, just by simply declaring it.

Ultimately, when I started out, I found that I really appreciated other teacher’s that didn’t hide who they were or what they knew. They didn’t try to share something about a topic that they knew nothing about. So, it is in this way, that I too, choose to share myself with you.

I won’t talk about what I don’t understand, and there may be parts in the book that show you just that, but, what I will share is all that I have learned thus far, or information shared from others that remain in other realms of knowing’s.

With that, I hope that you are inspired to want to learn what your heart has in store for you. That you aim to conquer fears as they arise and that you look to all hearts you meet along the way as a heart, which just like you, is cared for right back.

Now, before we depart for Greece, I have one last tie-it-all-together affirmation, which goes as follows,

“Everything is possible, everything is achievable, and I will no longer let my feelings of lack, my feelings of worth, or the feelings that leave me feeling stuck, take away that connection I already know I have with my heart.

I now open to the teachings of my heart!

I AM ready to venture into higher learning’s of trust, faith and in the knowing’s of the heart through the Source energy that resides within me.

I AM so grateful to have the opportunity for this growth and I AM open to further teachings that are right for me in the times to come.

Thank you Universe.”

Your heart is smiling! Can you feel its warmth? It wants to thank you, for taking the first step in setting the intention to connect with it!

And, I leave you with this: nothing is outside of possibility; you just have to abandon the thoughts that tell you things are not possible!

Part One: The Grand Leap

Chapter One: When The Heart Speaks Doors Open

Throughout one’s life there are pivotal moments in which you have that feeling that there are big changes coming, yet, you have no inkling as to what will transpire. Still, in some of those moments you hear your heart delivering the very message you need, but often enough, while we may take that voice into consideration, we may also cast it aside, assuming it’s ego piping up again. So, we continue on with our day, trying not to think about that unsettling feeling that something may either pass us by, or may prompt us to take further action.

Back in May 2017, I was working as a Barista in an adorable little coffee shop, in Upstate NY. Typically, in this coffee shop, we would be among the hustle and bustle of food making, drink slinging, avid conversing and grinding (quite literally), with little down time. Commonly, many days felt the same, just with a different cast of characters wandering through the door every now and again. Yet, there was one exception, as there was one day that felt unlike any of the others. And, that day, I remember vividly.

I recall that particular day slowing to a halt. So, I had a lot of time to chat with two of my favorite co-workers. I remember that I had just finished cracking a few jokes with them, when a customer came in to order a hot green tea. At which point I proceeded to the tea station, pulled the tea canister out from the cabinet below, and slowly popped off the canister top. I paused, knowing that I felt the energy in the coffee shop change, but I didn’t think too much about it at that time, and just appreciated that brief moment of stillness, and commenced tea making. I then grabbed the empty tea bag and teaspoon, loaded the spoon with tea and just as I was about to shove the spoon into the tea bag, I heard, from deep within the epitome of my core, “Sell everything and meet me in Greece.”

Time stood still in the moments to follow, as I pondered the urgency in the tone. I began thinking about Greece, and who the “Me” could possibly be? At which point, I then disappeared into a deeper state of contemplation.

What would you do in that very moment? When you hear a booming voice from deep within demand you to somehow, someway make haste to Greece?

It’s no secret that I knew this voice well, as it was my heart talking, albeit very loudly. I understood in that very moment that there was urgency in the tone, as I don’t believe I had ever truly heard my heart that adamantly brash before. So, it was very apparent that the message needed to reach me, and I let my heart know it was heard, appreciated, and that I would find a way to make it all happen, and soon.

Now, I bet you’re already wondering, why Greece? And, where in Greece would I go? But, you see, I already knew exactly where it was in Greece that I was meant to be.

About three years prior, I had been following some of my favorite musicians, to see where they were performing, and I had stumbled upon The Sound & Silence Gathering. This offering appeared to be the hot spot for many of these musicians. In addition, I was further intrigued, as it consisted of the very offerings I would offer if I were to gather a group of people together, as well. So, even then, in the moment of initially stumbling upon it, I felt that this was somewhere that I had to be, someday.

When it was in its second year of gathering, I decided, in an attempt to get myself there, to offer my energy therapy services. So, I wrote the gathering, telling them of the services that I was able to offer, and was met with a reply from the founder of the gathering, Sarvaan, himself. I was surprised, as I assumed I would be in communication with someone assigned to manage offerings, not the organizer! Nonetheless, I was met a beautifully written correspondence back. Even in written form he sounded delighted to hear that I was interested in offering my services, to which he offered further advise as to how to go about getting myself set up for the gathering. But, in further understanding that the offerings were not provided on site, and that they could only be offered off-site through securing an office space, I knew then that I was unable to come up with a means to front the office space. At that time in my life, I was still putting myself through Grad school, so additional expenses weren’t easy to pull off.

So, while disheartened in knowing that I couldn’t yet make it a possibility, I had to accept that the timing wasn’t right. And, in knowing that Sarvaan was truly as beautiful as his offerings, even in just communicating through email, I knew, that he was the reflection of all the hearts that would be waiting there for me, when I finally did find myself there, and I knew they were my tribe!

So, needless to say, when I heard Greece, I immediately knew that my heart was referring to that very gathering (now in it’s fourth year), and my heart was adamant that I get there, this year! I knew I had only three months to figure it all out, as the gathering started in September.

Let it be known that when a heart speaks, such as mine did in that moment, and because I opted to take it’s advise, it is then that the Universe also conspires with the wants of the heart. So, while I had a few other big decisions to make in correlation with preparing to get to Greece, I also knew then that I would be guided to the right answers, in the time allotted, which at that moment, didn’t appear to be much time at all.

The first decision I had to make was where I would remain in the interim, as my apartment lease was up at the end of May, and since the bills for the apartment started to exceed my income, I already knew it was time to move on. Although, I still had no viable plans as to where I would live in the upcoming three months, yet, I knew the right door would open, soon enough. 

Another looming decision was in considering if it was also time to leave the job at the coffee shop, and the people whom I loved there. This decision, I felt I had some time to decide on, so, I asked the Universe to light the way to an appropriate living arrangement, first. And it did, almost immediately!

In chatting at work, a co-worker mentioned that she had an extra room at her house that she’d be happy to rent out to me for half of what I had been paying for my apartment. At that time I hesitated as I didn’t’ feel my car would be reliable enough to commute to work from her home (as she was a good forty-five minutes away). Plus, in all honesty, I appreciated living by myself. So, with those two lingering thoughts, I found I was unable to commit, wanting to consider all available options.

I had contemplated living out of my car and camping, but due to the limited amount of time in which I had to get rid of my furniture, while both options would definitely help me save money, neither felt quite right, in the short amount of time I had.

In time, one starts to understand the deeper meaning behind things, such as my knowing that if it doesn’t flow smoothly, or if their isn’t enough time to do something without hurting yourself in the mean time, then you’re going about things the wrong way, and you should make another plan of action. So, while I liked the idea of camping and feeling free enough to live out of my car temporarily, I knew then that neither was the right move for me at that time.

So, in my inability to make an immediate decision about my living arrangements, the Universe spoke loudly too!  

It was only a few days after my co-worker offered the room that I found myself filling out an online document, and paused in utter amazement when I found the city and state areas had already been filled in. But, to my surprise, it wasn’t my city and state, automatically filled in, it was my co-workers!

So, my analytical brain kicked in for a moment and I thought about these new age online forms, that have location sensing capabilities, however, I knew I had never traveled with my computer to her city, nor was her home even close to where I lived! So, I reminded myself, ‘Lisa, you know better than to question it, just trust the message.’

In that moment, I understood that moving in with my co-worker was right for me, and the Universe was prompting it, by filling in that blank for me, so that I could move quickly and better focus on all of the other tasks I had to do, instead of using valuable time to contemplate my living situation.

You see how this works? You take a bit to think about yourself, and your wants or needs, and the Universe says, ‘Ummm, no time to think here! Move on it now!’


Nonetheless, I reacted quickly, secured the room, and was pleased. At which point, I now understood that it was time to turn my focus to work and how I could find the money I’d need to get to the gathering.

The job in which I was working was only paying the necessities. I wasn’t able to treat myself to many luxuries, like going out for dinner, or to extracurricular events, or even grocery shopping all that much. Although the bills were made a priority, and as I mentioned previously, they had started to exceed my income. I also knew that I was already at the cap salary of what my employer was able to provide me, which I was very pleased with personally, yet, I still found that my income just wasn’t enough to sustain an apartment, a car, and the other bills that go along with living modestly, alone. So, attaining a raise and setting aside money to save didn’t appear possible. Again, a sign for me to think outside the spectrum of what is not able to be and to find a better route to what can be.

So, I knew, at this point, that I had to take further steps, in order to make another avenue available. Therefore, I declared to the Universe, out loud and with conviction, “Open the door to not only the gathering, but to an easy route to which offers me the means necessary to get there.”

In my experience, when you partake in declarations, some will happen immediately, while others take some time to appear, and, yes, some won’t transpire at all. But, the knowing’s of how it feels when you have declared something will let you know immediately if it will show up in the near future, or, if it wasn’t right for you to begin with. This learning I will share with you now.

When speaking your declaration out loud, you will either feel it resonating immediately as being true and doable, or you will feel your heart talking back through your body. For example, in the moment that I declared to open the door, I knew that my declaration would be granted, as I was confident when stating it. Your knowing of the answer can be felt in the tone of voice in which you declare it, also in how it feels overall after stating it. I was confident in stating it, and I felt satisfied when I was finished. This means success had been achieved!

However, if you declare something that isn’t right for you, your body will react during the actual declaration. For example, in mid speaking, you may gulp, lightly cough, clear your throat, or you may stutter and stumble on the actual words when making your declaration. So, it is not a cohesive, openhearted declaration. All of these instances are your heart letting you know that it isn’t on board with your declaration. So, trust what you feel during your declaration and know that if you felt it not being right for you, that only means there is something even better for you to come.

This is my teaching of how the heart and Universe conspire together, as when your heart notifies you of what it wants for you, and you take part in helping your heart achieve it, through the asking’s and declaring’s to the Universe, you are able to also help in bringing much more into your reality.

Of course, when we also make strides towards acting upon our hearts wishes, we will often see the Universe also conspiring with our hearts, but without our need to ask or declare, as it too will already be informed as to the route in which we need to take, and it will also guide us from our outer realities.

An example of this, occurred just before I gave my notice at work, when my co-worker, turned to me while she was manning the espresso machine and said, “Lisa, you need an Instagram account!” For a moment, I thought it was an unusual statement, as there weren’t many conversations going on at that moment, as we were all inundated with a busy weekend shift, yet it felt of importance. Still, I thought, eh, another social media account. Then I thought, well, I’ll keep it in mind for future marketing purposes. And, returned to assembling a slew of egg sandwiches.

Cue the Universe again, as it was only about thirty minutes later, and in strolls one of my favorite customers. He’s the type of guy that you just love talking with, as he’s always positive and heart felt, so I turned around to visit with him for a bit. Then, wouldn’t you know, he looks me in the eyes, smiles and just says, amid a conversation in which the following would not fit, “I love Instagram. I like looking at the photos.”

OK, Universe, message received! It was now blatantly obvious that it was of enough importance to prompt two people, in the same day, within minutes of one another, to make it known, that I truly needed that Instagram account. So, after my shift ended, I immediately walked home, sat in my chair, opened my laptop and set up the account.

Honestly, in looking back, I just have to smile at moments like that, and truly appreciate the others in my life that are able to bring forth those important messages. Also, as to how grateful I myself have become, not only for the guidance, but in also being open enough to see the messages, even if it takes a few tries to get it to me. You see, appreciation and gratefulness are both keys here, in better hearing your heart. As when you are grateful, your heart understands that you are ready to hear it more of the time, and in return starts to share more with you!

Of course, I should also state that you don’t need to know the others that offer up the valuable insight, either; as in not knowing them, when unusual things are mentioned, well, that is more noticeable. So, it sticks with you as you proceed on with your day because you understood that it was very out-of-ordinary! So, you will more likely understand it as being a message.

Can you think of similar instances where you felt that the Universe was nudging you to do something, and it took a few different people to bring it into perspective, enough to also then bring it to fruition? Or, how about a time when many people contributed to a thought, but you didn’t follow through? Or, did you hear something, so off the wall, from an absolute stranger, that you knew immediately was a message for you, and you alone? How did you feel in each instance? Grateful? Appreciative? Bewildered? Utterly amazed? Allow these moments to remind you that you have been guided, many times before, as well!

So, as time progressed, and I neared the move to my co-workers home, I opted to give my two-week notice at work. That’s when all the emotions, associated with feeling that one is leaving all of the people they truly care about, hit me! The people that I worked alongside, the man that I worked for, and those that came through that door, day in and day out, became family to me. Each one I adored, so, in knowing that it was now time to say farewell, well that was hard for me to stomach. I knew I would miss each of those beautiful people in my days to come, after parting ways.

But, in addressing our emotions, I’ve found it’s best to listen to them, honor them, and then let them go.

Attachments, in relation to others, tell us that we won’t find that feeling again, so it makes us want to hold on, and not let go. In all honesty, it’s in the letting go that one fully understands what they had to begin with.

In leaving I knew that they would remain my family, and while they wouldn’t remain in my days, I understood I did have to move on. They understood the same, and each one of them honored my decision to go, when they felt comfortable with it themselves.

Even my boss, with whom I cared for immensely, initially had a difficult time when I shared that it was time to move on. I understood I was important and appreciated there for all I offer of myself, yet, that too, was a clear reminder of the attachment we form with others. While we both cared for one another, and while I didn’t want to part ways, I felt it was time to do so.

Attachment tells us that the other will not return, ever, so sometimes one reverts to angry tones. So, for example, they don’t have to address that feeling that notifies them that they just lost another really great employee, or a person that adds more enjoyment of living, to their days, etc. as in getting angry they can write it off as being no big deal to their hearts. But, they just add to the suffering further, as it isn’t truthful, so the heart retells them to re-look at the scenario again.

Nonetheless, I stayed the course, and understood that I was appreciated and valued there, even in facing one currently hurt by my leaving but abslutely loving man. And, on my last day, my boss came around, gave me a huge hug, and shared, “Lisa you’re gonna be great. You’re gonna do great things.” At this very moment, I sighed with relief, as I felt his heart talking again, allowing me to release the unwanted strain of an unhealthy attachment.

Now, I want to state, that last day was filled with other warm embraces and kind remarks. Many of my favorite customers came in to specifically wish me a magnificent farewell. Even in writing this now I can still feel their hearts: some standing over the coffee carafes looking to me behind the counter, some roaring to me from the front door, laughing, some sneaking behind the counter to share an intimate chat, and each co-worker behind the counter, crying right along with me, hugging one another every moment we could. Each thought of them, brings me right back to the love that I felt there! So much love!

But, through that whole day, I also couldn’t stop thinking about what my boss had shared during our embrace. Deep down I knew that it would be a while before I’d be able to return to the very people, at that beautiful coffee shop, that I so loved. Yet, in looking around at all of them that day, while I felt at ease, I was left with an unusual feeling that perhaps my journey had much more in store for me, than even I was aware of in that one moment. You know that feeling? The one that you feel your destiny awaits you? That you truly begin now?

And, when I considered that very last thought, I snickered, in remembering something that had been shared with me many years ago, in my channelings. As, years ago, in speaking with Source Energy, It, directly, I was being my usual self, asking the most absurd questions, much of the time, so I asked, “How many years have I wasted here, in this lifetime?” To which It replied, “Forty, Lisa.”

At the moment that I heard the reply, I laughed, well, that was until ego then took ahold and made me feel that I had not been making a difference in living here. As, I was still many years from being 40! However, in contemplating what my boss shared, and in only being, at that moment, a few months shy of my 40th birthday, I smiled. And, also remembered that It had further shared, “You begin then, Lisa.”

So, only time would tell, what exactly awaited me, but I did have high hopes of whatever awaited as being truly magnificent!

OK, back to letting go, so, that we can all find some peace when leaving those that we truly have come to care a lot about. To fully let go is simple to do (say’s the girl that hesitated wanting to leave her co-workers)! But, in all truth, all you need do is remind your heart that the love will remain, even after you are no longer with the others that used to offer it. You see, it is the emotions we feel towards a person, or the emotions that they have shared with us in return, that keep us tied to them. Because when we feel loved, embraced or accepted, it is those emotions that make it harder for us to leave one another.

Even as children, the very moment we are sent off to school or day-care, for the first time, we to have to face our parents not being there for us. And, when we feel unfamiliar faces and situations, we seek the love of our parents (or other caregivers), but we look to find it in physical contact, not in the memories of it. Which leaves us feeling an unhealthy attachment, when one learns that they are not yet ready to detach, still seeking the physical comfort of another that will offer it when they need it the most. Or acting out, because they find they are unable to have their needs for comfort met.

So how do you detach from others in a healthy way?

You address your emotions as being true, you accept how much you have always cared for the other, and you declare,

“I am ready to pursue other avenues of love. And, while these beautiful others have offered me much of their time, much of their support, friendship, and a whole lot of love, it is now time for me to find others, that I too need to meet.

Only in letting go, can I fully be myself, which is free of attachments to others. I AM ready to let go fully, in order to better appreciate all relationships in which I have taken place in, and those that will arrive in my life soon.”

Now, look at how you feel towards those that you felt you might not ever want to leave. I hope it feels better for you now.

Leaving isn’t a bad thing at all; it’s just a new beginning.

Sometimes in our new beginnings we find more insight as to how little someone may have truly meant after we do let go, as you may find that they really weren’t who you had perceived them to be all along. And, yet, you may also find a greater love for others, with more understanding that they were those people that you cared for dearly. This feeling, you have of these people, will remain for the rest of your existence here.

You see, in letting go, you attain a deeper clarity. As in the separation, you are better able to see all of the intentions behind the relationships you took part in, as oftentimes you are unable to see those intentions while you are immersed in those relationships. So, appreciate the new knowing’s and the clearness, and know that what you experienced and learned was meant to be as such.

Now, should you also find that it is time for you to let go, in your own life, go forth with confidence. As, when you are able to detach in a healthy manner, the relationships will remain, well into the future.

One more thing, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit out of sorts in navigating your new dwelling, work place or relationships with others, after letting go, so I offer this, for the times in which you may struggle in transitioning and re-acclimating to your new environment. We are all the same, in truth, so when we feel unable to get comfortable; all we need to do it simply state,

“I AM able to get comfortable in what ever situations I am faced with, no matter where I am, or with whom I am with.”

Transitions are a reminder that when you begin again, you have the opportunity for new growth. So, accept it, as being such, and all will go smoothly.

Now, after leaving work, I found myself in that same transition phase, as all of the faces that I looked forward to seeing each day at work, were no longer in my days and my new home and neighborhood, weren’t yet familiar to me. However, it didn’t take long before I got better acclimated, and I felt content with my being there.

My time in living there, also taught me a few things! The first, never having had a real sister, I felt I now had one. Second, it taught me that I could once again acclimate myself to share a living space with others, and still be able to do all of the usual things I would do on my own without interruption and without guilt of taking time to do them. Lastly, it taught me a lot about how to live with others that may come and go, but with whom bring their energetic baggage/patterns with them, for all to share.

In living there, it was clear to see that in sharing a home with others, that similar patterns from our past living arrangements, were presenting themselves often. There were similar home situations, or sharing’s of abuse, violence, lack and greed. And, for a few, there were also issues of sexual disorder. So, in sharing a space we all were reminded of similar past remembering’s of our own past.

All of these sharing’s were done with purpose, as it is in the sharing that one can either move on from it, or understand that there is still much work to be done, wherein talking about it still feels like a fresh wound.

I had also reached a place of new knowing, while living with all of them, too. As I had once prescribed to the theory that is along the lines that all other’s in your living situations are a mirror reflection of the work you need to look at inside yourself. So, I now want to offer my own insight as to why that no longer held true for me.

You see, in seeing all of the patterns, which I could more easily see not having yet known the housemates, I was able to clearly feel what may resonate with me, in each situation, but also see that I was no longer dwelling in the hurt involved in the patterning. This is the lesson.

Since we had many past situations of resonance in common, it was one main reason that we had all attracted one another, to live in that very home together. But, since many of these situations were no longer in need of further work, from my own personal standpoint, it was then that I realized that my being there was to offer support and be of service to them and share my own learning’s as to how, they too, could heal their past hurts.

The insight here is that when you still dwell, that is when you still have inner work to be done in relation to that issue, which will continue to crop up in your life, in a variety of ways until it is resolved. However, if you know how to share your past experiences without allowing it to impact you any further, that is when you no longer need to look back at it, as you have grown out of believing that you are still a victim of it’s offering. And, that you are no longer that being that dwells in the past hurts, offered by that learning then. Which teaches another that they to can do the same.

Now, I want state, you know what is best for you!  So, while my beliefs about that initial teaching had changed, yours may or may not.

We all have different methods of learning, and the same goes for different support systems set in place to offer said learning’s. While that theory did offer me much insight in the past, I now understood that it had served it’s purpose, and that it was now time to move on from it and seek another learning. I had benefited from its teachings, but it no longer held true for me personally.

This is how growth occurs. As when we grow out of something that has taught us much, yet we can move outside its teachings, to seek something more suited for our future learning’s, this is how we evolve. But, without first having that knowing, one will not take the leap to leave it.

So, I’ve offered this to you now, so that you, too, when the time comes, will find that when something no longer serves your growth here, then you too will remember my offering and know that you are right in understanding that it is time to let go and move beyond your initial teachings, to something that will now offer you a greater opportunity of growth.

Now, I also want to share, how to live in a home of many people, all in which have incompatible energies, beliefs and needs. While, of course, it can be tolerable, it isn’t able to last long. All we are, energetically, is who we will remain, so to have many different people together in a home, all at different vibrations based on their learning’s of the self, the energy can’t be sustained for the long term, so, you will find that either you go soon, or they do!

Remember, like attracts like, and when you have been guided to a home of those not quite like you, that is when the Universe will also repel them shortly after your energies try to blend, as they will not be able to meet your energy where it currently is. It is also good to know here, that while you will not take on too much of their patterning, you can take on their emotional baggage, energetically, without your knowing, just by living in the same home together, at the same time.

So, it was during this understanding of energies in the home, that my Guides advised me that part of my being there was to better learn how to not only understand why other energies come together, but to be able to better channel and connect to my heart in times when others’ energies may interfere. Subsequently, in times when you find arguing, bickering, fighting, drug use, or ill will held towards others living in your home, this is when you will not be able to center enough to even try.

All of these emotionally blocking energies will prohibit one from reaching their emotions, and without reaching your emotions you will not be able to operate from the heart space. As it is through my heart, and my emotions, that I am able to converse with other hearts, Source Itself, and other energies.

In the past, having spent the last five years either hopping from place to place or living alone, I always had a clear space to channel and connect. Of course, if I didn’t I would seek a place to sit in nature. Nature is the best place to cleanse you and your heart, always!

But, in living in this home, there was no nature to seek, as it was in the bowels of a downtrodden city, which had seen better days. The air on the balcony, that overlooked the busy street below that was commonly filled with strangers, drug trafficking and the usual occurrence of gun-fire, was neither conducive to breathing, or to comfortably relax in.

So, if you find yourself in a home that is filled with others, who are unable to see that their emotions and actions make other’s in the same environment unable to relax, breath or center, know that you don’t have to tolerate it just because you have live there too! You have the right to enjoy your living environment.

Thusly, when my environment started to impact me personally, this activity was offered to me during this time, by my Guides, as a way to help clear the space, and also deter any foreign energies from adhering to my being, my thoughts and to even abolish them from my day entirely. It will help cleanse you, too, should you be feeling out of sorts, either from being in close proximity to others who may be emotionally unstable, or if you just feel blah, in general!

Cleansing Activity: Find a spot to sit peacefully, and see yourself amidst white light, a light so bright that it won’t allow anything even close to your body, without it, too, being of that same white light.

Then see the light pushing through the home, engulfing all those in its way, converting them instantly to white light. Keep expanding it well beyond the home, into the surrounding streets, into the city, and as far out as you feel is needed.

Then simply state, inside yourself, or out loud,

“I have cleared this space of all negative energy, and I ask that only positivity enters me, this home, and areas beyond.

I will no longer submit myself to energies of the like, unless it is mine to be dealt with, at which point I will continue the same process on myself.

Thank you Universe for teaching me how to cleanse myself, and the space in which I live.”

After I learned and used that activity, I immediately felt the whole house shift and return to a state of peace. I felt much better, and I was better able to tune in and communicate more clearly. I also found that I was also able to focus more clearly on the tasks at hand…

One of the tasks was in tackling a new job. Now prior to this, I should state that I told the Universe to now bring a job to me directly, but only if it was right for me to continue working. I felt I didn’t have time to job hunt, create specific resumes, or take on a job that requires a long-term commitment. So, cue my housemate, who shared news about a job opening! As soon as she spoke about it, I felt it was right for me to take. So, I went to the initial interview and accepted an end-of-life doula position, working for an older gentleman.

It entailed assistance with lifting, pottying, and general household duties, which I felt I could manage, having been a caregiver for much of my adult life. So, I felt comfortable with my decision to accept the job. 

I was aware, during this time frame, that because I found myself re-acclimating to living and sharing a home with others again, that this job opportunity, to give care to another again, led me to believe that I was preparing myself for a significant partner again. Previously, to this time frame, I had no want to partake in caregiving, after 16 years of doing it daily. So, in accepting this new job, I knew that I was ready to open myself to the thoughts of being an important support person for a life partner in the near future. Simply just insight in my surroundings supporting  my current time of growth! 

Now, I won’t sugar coat this. In working for this older gentleman, I was faced with some really strong patterns, of my own, that I hadn’t looked at in a while. When each pattern reared up in the present time, I still felt the hurts lingering inside, that made me feel like a victim of my past.

I understood that all of these persistent patterns were set in place to keep me from wanting to spend intimate time with a man for the long term. So, for the past five plus years, I focused on my pursuits of soul growth, instead. Only, entertaining lovers, instead of viable life partners.  

My insight was telling me that it was now time to curb the victimization I had encountered in my earlier years.

So, the first pattern that presented itself was in relation to men that act, talk and do things without consent. This man would attempt to touch me, kiss me, nibble me, and even lick me, anywhere and everywhere he could forcefully reach, when I was aiding him through completing his tasks throughout the day. Of course, it went hand in hand with the inappropriate commentary too. Ugh!

How was it dealt with? Simple communication as to where he can touch my body for assistance in lifting and moving, and nowhere else. But, while it was honored for a good month, it wasn’t too long before he returned to feeling free to do as he pleases, with little consideration of my feelings.

The second pattern that appeared was in navigating angry men. Simply put, for the most part, he was a very agitated, angry old man. And, I’m far to sensitive to anger in my environment, so much so that it hurts my heart physically to even be in the same room with it. And, in all honesty, I had come to a place in my life in which I didn’t find much anger in my days at all, since I no longer act out in anger myself. Remember, the like attracts like statement? So, for me to be walloped with it on a daily basis took a lot out of me energetically. Often feeling absolutely drained of love by the time I got home after a twelve-hour shift with him.

Anyhow, in being responsible to offer home cooked meals for him, this was where I took my stand. I refused to cook a nice meal for anyone that treated me to anger. So, in days when his anger and threatening tones were pointed at me directly, he was fed leftovers, from the night prior.

My learning… I refuse to feed anger! So, I used my love to cook for others as the statement. He loves a well-cooked meal. I appreciate days without anger. This was my compromise. He ate nicely either way; yet, I didn’t feed or fuel that angry man. Nor, did I wait on him hand and foot, just because he made sure to let me know he was the man of the house (also a pattern in my upbringing).

Now, the last pattern was the crème-de-la-crème, face it now, or repeat the uncomfortable pattern later on down the line. This one clearly addressed my inability and un-want to tell another person, how I feel about the constant barrage of inappropriate touching, and unwanted commentary (about my body and my personal life), because I feared violent retaliation.

So, here comes It to say, “I love you, Lisa. Now lets address those issues that you’ve held on to for far too long now. You are worthy of love, but first, you must kill a few of those patterns that your ego set in place, in times when they were meant to remain, to keep you from entering other relationships that would keep you from the one you are meant for. He too, will have to face his own journey prior to meeting you, but in time you will both have navigated much, to be ready for your union together. So, I offer you this growth now, Lisa, so that you will be better able to accept your partner in person, as he will not be ready until you are, and you must first tell your heart, “I AM ready for union with my other, as it is his heart, that mine remembers intimately. And, to whom I look to find in Greece.”

So, a grand day was delivered, with one intention: to kill all hurts previously set in place by ego, in relating to hard men.

This day I was met with intolerable anger, physical violence, and a threatening demeanor that was hard to stomach. Much of the day I spent avoiding his fist throwing, chair shoving, and sporadic uncalled for word vomit, but, yet, a few of the comments hit harder than the others.

First round fired… he called me trash. While I hadn’t ever recalled a time when I had ever been referred to as being trash, for some reason that packed an emotional punch. When that commentary reached me, to which I will save you from the other nasty words also offered to my heart, I took the hit and remained speechless. Left in a stupor, unable to understand why that one word bothered me to begin with!

Round two fired… the statement in which he referred to me as a dumb b*tch. Also, a first, but this time it was the tone that struck me, as the tone said watch out, I’ll get when you’re not looking. And, I still sat there with no retort.

Large missile aimed… launched… direct hit! “You fat pig! Don’t you have any men to go home to? Why don’t you make yourself useful, and just go lay in my bed and wait for me to come. OK?”

In sitting at the kitchen table, fielding that last round, keeping an eye on him in his reclining chair, all teary eyed from a day spent trying to keep my cool and both of us uninjured, I was still in disbelief that I was being treated in such a way. The very tones in which he shared all of what he said that day, dug really deep, as I was taken back to each and every past moment, that I felt powerless, when a man made comments about my body, or his wants of my body, or his being the only voice allowed to be heard, because he’s the man. And, finally I heard my heart say, ‘ENOUGH!’

I gathered my composure, took a deep breath and stood up from my chair. I looked him in the eyes and shared, “I appreciate my body, and how it appears. (Standing in my full power now). Actually, I love it. So, your perception of my body doesn’t impact me. I am a kind person, and I treat you kindly, (tears now rolling, feeling my heart talking through my tone) but your angry actions and words are no longer wanted in my life. This will be my last day, here with you, as I will no longer allow myself to be treated in such a manner. And, I do hope that in my leaving you will learn to treat the others here with some respect, as they, too, care enough for you to remain, and they don’t deserve to be treated to unkind words or physical violence either.”

After I finished, I felt a wave of relief come over me, and I knew that in standing in my truths, that I had truly come to love myself and all that I was. And, in stating my truths, I was finally free of any other person that I had encountered in the past, that had shared similar thoughts about my body, it’s image and my worth in correlation to their own.

He sat in his chair, silent, not having any further words to share. As if he had returned to being a little boy, not knowing how to respond to an action of kindness in my tone. I noticed that I had gotten through to him, in that moment, and when I returned to my seat, with him still glaring back at me, his eyes started to tear up.   

Anger when met with anger will not change anyone, but anger when met with truth and kindness, in the tone of delivery, is when a heart takes notice. And, that is when change occurs.

You may be wondering why I’ve opted to share all of this personal insight, and I do so because there are many important steps in which one must take to better hear their heart. As when we address our lingering thought patterns, insecurities, and fears within ourselves (and in our environments), we can better come to understand what it is we need to resolve, clear and heal before we can move on.

When this work is tackled and completed, it gives your heart more room to breath and opens you to new learning’s, and to others that will no longer treat you to anger, unwanted commentary or inappropriate actions. As what you have conquered is your fear of these actions, just by addressing your want to no longer have them in your physical environment.

All learning’s add value, and all learning’s get you that much closer to not only seeing your heart in action, but in better hearing it speak to you directly.

Now, back to living! As August arrived, I had freed myself of the torment and abuse, and was now focused on letting go of what was left, my belongings. However, when I went to make a more detailed list, to keep track of prices, photos and what websites to post which belongings on, there were some energies present in the room that wanted to make sure that the very things I loved, were also offered up to other people that would love them as well.

I was informed as to who would benefit from my djembe, who would feel really amazing in the sexy high heels I never wore, etc. And, while I knew every cent counted, I very much trusted, that if it was being shared, it was of great importance, and I would honor that. So, I let go of the want for financial gain in each instance, still trusting that the Universe would provide me exactly what was needed to get to Greece.

Now, as I mentioned, the energies had shared the who’s, the why’s and what to give, and also taught me that each person that I had bequeathed something to, was truly the rightful owner of each belonging I had in my possession. Hard to fathom, I know! So, each of those objects, that had either been purchased or given to me, was only temporarily spending time with me, to later find their way to their rightful owner years later! Wow!

Can you think about moments when you had something that you never truly needed or used, but you knew that it was perfect for another, so you gave it to them? This too is your heart already knowing what’s right for all those in your living days!

So, after giving many things away, there were also beautiful heart-felt offerings being made to me by the Universe, in return!

One example was in regards to my beautiful leather reclining chair. This was the one chair I had wanted for years. This chair held significant meaning for me, as it was the one thing I yearned for, for quite some time (perhaps much of my life), that I eventually got for myself. In doing so, I taught myself that my wants were attainable.

This chair held me through my divorce, sustained group cuddling with my children, and comforted me when conversing with many energies. It was also my go to hang out spot to write and play guitar. This chair stuck it out, through many of the moves that I had endured after the end of my 16-year relationship. It even stayed with a friend, whom refused to let me sell it back when I left the country to go to Germany, in my first leap! So, when I knew it was time to finally part ways with my chair, for good, I knew then that I wouldn’t be returning to find a home, or that very chair I loved, for a very long time.

Initially I listed the chair at $75, as I figured it would help move it quickly. But, the few that took interest, offered me $50 through emailing, but never followed through. So, I thought, I’ll lower the price to $50. No luck there either!

So, in contemplating how much I value my chair and my understandings of the Universe, I started to ask myself, “Will I be returning to find my chair then?”

Now, cue the Universe! Some time passed, and a Facebook acquaintance reached out to me about the record collection I was selling. So, I told him to come take a look at what I had and we could discuss it further in person.

When we spoke in person, I found that his intention was to make digital recordings, with each of the records. I was overjoyed to hear that! For years I had the intention to convert them digitally myself, but I never found the time to do so. I told him immediately to take all of the records, do with them as he pleased, in exchange for digital copies, later. He too was pleased!

These records I lugged around for years, due to their sentimental value, as these were my grandparents records. So, in listening to this music, mainly opera, and foreign selections, it made me feel that they were still very much here with me. The Universe understood how important theses memories of my grandparents were to me, and how much I also loved all types of music. So, this offering truly touched my heart, as it was exactly what I had always wanted!

After we finished talking records, we also talked books. In looking at the books that still remained, he mentioned that he didn’t have the cash on hand to offer me money for them, but shared that he’d be happy to sell them and split the proceeds, as they sell. And, as soon as he shared that, I felt that might benefit me greatly later on, so, I agreed for him to sell them as he could.

Now, there is still more amazingness to come! You ready for it?

On the way out, he passed by my chair, looked it over and immediately knew he wanted it. He offered me $80 on site, and stated he’d get a check to me in a few days! I accepted gratefully!

The Universe had not only honored my love of my grandparents and their music, but it honored my want to keep the music even after no longer having the records. In addition, I now had a possibility for money to be accessible at a later point, through the sale of any books and also honored the relationship I had with my chair – to which I was offered more than I had originally even asked for! My heart had never felt this honored, and I believe that Facebook acquaintance of mine may have left feeling the same way about the offerings of the day too! But, I can fully speak for myself in saying, I felt so cared for!

I will also state that there were also a few random checks arriving via mail, and a few twenty-dollar bills offered by friends along the way (which is highly unusual). Again, all signs that I was meant to get to Greece. And, that every little bit was offered because it was needed!

With all these offerings shared, this is truly when you start to understand all of the little threads that connect you to everything! And, when you learn to trust that everything you need will be provided, some how, some way, if only you just let go and let the Universe provide, it will be. As when you let go of trying to control where the opportunities will come from, that is when it is now able to show up in your present, many times in ways that you would have never dreamed possible!

Now, in continuing the talk of the amazing Universe and its offerings, shall we return to Instagram now? Yes? OK!

So, it’s August 13th, the day after my 40th birthday (when my life starts to count – oh ego), and I decide to revisit Instagram, after having gone a while without looking at it.  

I log in. The home page loads, and I pause for a moment to look.

The very first photo I see was an evident reminder about the gathering, along with a lengthy post from, Sarvaan. This is exactly what he wrote:

Dear Friends,

I have something I would like to share with you, you who are waiting for The Call. You know who you are.

Four years ago I stepped out of my fearful little shoes and created Sound & Silence with one focused intention - to create something beautiful, unique and pure in this world. An offering of Love, something that speaks directly to the heart and soul of those resonant, selfless and loving beings who are meant to gather in unity consciousness together.

Yes, you know who you are. You can feel it in your inner most being, in every cell of your body, in the voice of your deepest yearnings, in the ancient blood coursing through your veins. You know that there is a beautiful new world waiting to be birthed and that YOU have a significant part to play in midwifing this process.

You also know that Sound & Silence is not a festival. At its core, it is a mystery school, an alchemical process. We are not here for the music. The music is only a powerful tool we use to support our own transformational process. We are not here to simply enjoy a good party either, although we will certainly enjoy this celebration very much.

You know deep in your heart that we are gathering here to bring our own ecstatic joy, love, light, artistry, mastery and magic into this transformational pot, because you know that together we will radiate enough love and light to heal the most wounded parts of this planet.

Yes, you know who you are, and I am asking you to come forth now. I am asking you to come home. I know you are out there, I can feel you.

Many of you are hurting inside, you are desperately wanting to come so much it pains you, but you can't see how. It is too expensive, it is too difficult, it is too much you say...

No. Come. The time is now. Your presence is needed.

Please do NOT let money be your obstacle. I will make sure it won't be. If it is, I invite you to write to me now. Share with me your story, and we will find a way together.

Having our tribe here is more important than any financial considerations on my side. If you are meant to be here, you will not be denied passage. I love you. You are my soul family.

In that very moment, I felt my heart beating joyously and every cell in my body reacting. I wish you could have seen the smile on my face, in that moment, as I had never felt something being so absolutely right for me, such as I did in that very moment of reading his beautifully written message of hope!

I knew, the door was now open, as the Universe had finally spoken, and I wrote him immediately.

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