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Jakob Franzen

Jakob Franzen

I'm a coach, author, speaker, and occasional podcaster helping others realize their own resilience and give authenticity to the word transformation as they build the life they want.

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I have been fortunate to have lived an amazing life, but in 2019 that was all taken away. I lost my husband, and my daughters lost their daddy, to an unnamed disease. That event turned our world inside out. I took a new executive job that I shouldn’t have. I tried to balance being a parent, a provider, and a grieving widower in the midst of difficult trauma.

After a year of feeling stuck, victimized, and lost I realized I needed to make a change and begin to reinvent my life. I left my job, started The Modern Coaching Company, and began the difficult journey of shoring up my relationship with my children. Single parenting isn't easy! Now, I’m putting everything I’ve learned about surviving trauma, finding resilience, and 30 years of leadership experience into being a coach.

Fast forward to today. My girls and I are living a new life. It isn’t perfect. It’s messy. It’s loud. It’s still sometimes painful, but we’re learning the lessons and doing the work. We’re learning to celebrate the days when things go well and find the joy that’s hiding in them. We're building a new life with the lessons we learned from the old one, fueling it with the joy and happiness that was the legacy of that old life.
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Update #2 - Time Is Running Out! May 4, 2021

Dear Readers,

When I started this journey, a month seemed like a long time for a book campaign. It has flown by, and we're now headed toward the end. It has created such a mix of emotions for me. While I think the business side of art is always difficult for the artist, I've had the advantage of 30 years of business that I bring to the table. Even my book is a blend of art and business practicality. This process has been filled with surprises, nonetheless. There are several things I've learned.

My friendship network isn't as strong as I thought it was. Obviously, there are challenges with any social media platform. The algorithms are cryptic, and we can't always depend on them to serve up our updates to our friends' feeds. Even though I've put several promotional posts about the book on social media, I have been surprised by the silence of many of my friends who normally see my posts but haven't responded, shared the post, or even commented with "good luck."

My business network is even weaker. I've reached out to my business contacts both through LinkedIn and directly by e-mail. Again, silence. I've even had some with whom I've worked or found jobs, helped get promotions or land deals ask to be removed from my personal contact list.

Networks are about like-minded people helping each other. This exercise has allowed me to heavily curate my networks to focus on mutually beneficial relationships and good-hearted people.

My goal was 500 pre-orders. My minimum to move forward with publishing was 50. It looks like we may well hit the 50 book level. But I'd like to try to get more interest so that I have access to more publishers, and that requires me to make another ask of you. You have all already done so much by ordering the book and commenting on the campaign page or sending me such kind notes that I hate to press further. But could you share the link to the campaign on your favorite social media platform? If you don't do social media, maybe send the link to 5 friends. While I know not everyone will be interested in the subject matter, and not everyone will want to order the book, I would like to get my message out there. Ultimately, this is a story about realistic resilience. There is no toxic positivity. There are no fairy tale endings. But an authentic resilience after a tragedy can be the source of strength in many areas of your life. Won't you help me share the message?

In humble gratitude,

Jakob Franzen