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April Cacciatori

April Cacciatori

Rome, New York

April Cacciatori, Body-Mind Coach, Massage Therapist, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Wife, Mom, Traveler, Artist, Avid Reader, Photographer, Nature Lover, Music Fan.
And we are so much more than the titles we use.

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Schooled through life's experience as a bartender and restaurant manager for half her life, and the past 14 years as licensed massage therapist, and transformational Mind-Body Life Coach, April Cacciatori learned early on the dynamics of supporting others through service. Understanding life and serving a higher purpose, and yet she still wondered how she would actually impact the world. Turns out that would be by building relationships, connecting the dots one person at a time.

Through the healing practice of massage therapy, April learned to be more than a massage therapist. She learned to listen deeply to the underlying stories her client's bodies would impart and in turn April taught them to be co-active in their healing journey. Through the practice of extreme self care, April teaches how to step beyond your comfort zone by listening to your body, feeling all that imparted, quieting the mind and learning to trust your heart.

April Cacciatori is the owner of Zensations Massage Therapy, PLLC, a private massage practice born on April 1, 2005 employing 6 licensed massage therapists and is the Founder of Zenspiration Boxes, Your Life Coach In A Box, Exclusively For Women, a monthly subscription box platform.

April has been married to her best friend Enzo for 30 years, with two beautiful adult daughters, and a grandbaby on the way!

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Ordinary Zenspiration

Simple Mindfulness Through Gratitude & Self Care

A guided journal with daily inspiration and action steps to encourage mindful practice and accountability.

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Mind & Body Personal Development #1 in Mind & Body
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April’s daily practice of gratitude began about 4 years ago. She saw on her FaceBook feed that someone had posted their 1st gratitude on the 1st day of November and thought, that’s cool, I will do the same, posting a gratitude each day of November. As the end of the month approached, April felt sad that people would express gratitude only for the month of November so she vowed to post one everyday for the rest of the year. Little did she know those simple posts would turn into something bigger. Something she never saw coming. A true gift. That gift was Grace. And the experience of Presence. Being present every moment of every day. The gratitude posts turned into inspirations and personal insights. Some funny, some lighthearted, some sharing the shadow side of ourselves, always with the intention of being heart centered and an open door to a deeper conversation.

These posts were always accompanied by a photo of the sunrise in her backyard, sometimes ablaze with colors beyond description or the drama of winter clouds passing over head.

Fast forward a few years, April creates the Zenspiration Box, A Life Coach In A Box Exclusively For Women, a  monthly subscription box model that features gratitude and inspiration. 

Of course a guided journal is the perfect companion to this already established platform, and 'Ordinary Zenspiration' is born.

'Ordinary Zenspiration' is filled with inspiration to help you step out of your comfort zone and into living your life fully. Every day is an opportunity to facilitate grounding, gratitude and presence. With the practice of mindful gratitude, one will find the extraordinary in the ordinary and where with all to embrace personal transformation.

This guided journal is beautiful and functional, including original photography by April, of the glorious sunrises that inspired her to post a gratitude or inspiration every day of the year on her personal FaceBook page. Similarly, each page features the best of April's inspirational thoughts followed with simple, actionable steps that can be implemented to move you forward in this journey called life. Do you know your purpose? Do you experience your passion? Do you invite unexpected possibilities? April is your back pocket life coach keeping you accountable to your purpose.

Most people cruise through their life on auto pilot, never taking the time to explore themselves on a deeper level. Many people wish to never go there, based on fear. The truth is, that is exactly where the gold is hidden. Deep with in our hearts. Travel with April on a daily visit to your heart. Together we will learn to access our heart and how to excavate the gold that has always been there. Imagine accessing the unlimited possibilities of owning your brilliance and how that will bring you to your true life's purpose.

The time to step outside of your comfort zone is now. Breathe deep, feel your edge and let's go!


The book begins with an introduction of April's story, what brought her to the practice of mindfulness through gratitude, and why that is the biggest gift to receive.

How to use the book with a self assessment page for the reader to determine their current life situations in areas of health, wealth, relationships, career,family, spirituality and personal development.

Followed with four sections, representing the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall with a photo of the rising sun in it's natural position of each season.

Each season a metaphor to personal growth. Each page with an inspirational thought or gratitude, as well as room to journal your thoughts. Also an action step to get you moving forward, opening up new neural pathways in the brain that will cement the new habit.

Spring evokes thoughts of new beginnings, birth and growth. Fresh ideas. Unexpected opportunities. 

Summer is all about coming into bloom, moving forward with confidence. Bright and bold, we master our stride in summer.

Autumn reminds us to let go of what's not needed by dropping our leaves. Shedding those old personas and stories that simply are not who we wish to be.

Winter is a time to cultivate quiet bringing out our deepest source of intuition and creativity. 

Each page will have a place for the current date, allowing you to journal with out restriction to the calendar. It really is all about you, high time you got to know her better. 

'Ordinary Zenspiration' will connect to April's FaceBook group 'Zenspiration Nation', free for anyone to join, offering a platform for April to connect with and support her audience. 

Example of the daily inspiration;

Thursday April 25, 2019
You my friend are not as ordinary as
you believe. Truth is, you are far from ordinary. You are one of a kind, with a code of life that no other carries. Exclusive. Particular. Different. Individual. Rare. I already hear you questioning ‘Rare’ because humans abound in vast numbers on this planet. Yes, you are a rare, one of kind, individual with many gifts to share. Shine on beautiful one!

Action Step: Mirror Work. Gaze into your eyes and repeat 20 times, you are beautiful.


The target market for this journal is my current audience on Facebook and InstaGram. Also a focus on women. Women at every phase of their life are looking for validation of feelings of low self esteem, inadequacy and worthiness and how to overcome them. 

The market is prime for growth. Mindfulness appears to be a trend, a buzzword on every magazine stand. The truth is people, women especially are looking to be heard. They are asking for support. Women intuitively are the caretakers of our world, but unless they learn self care first, the result of burn out and overwhelm leaves women drowning in their own unworthiness and  to do lists. My goal is to empower as many people as I can.


The total U.S. self-improvement market was worth $9.9 billion in 2016, constituting growth of just 4.3% since 2011. Growth was mainly hurt by weak performance in infomercials and commercial diet programs. We should see better 5.6% average yearly gains from 2016 to 2022, when the overall market value should increase to $13.2 billion.


Over the past year, U.S. consumers have spent nearly $210 million at retail for unruled spiral, composition, graphing, and other notebooks – an 18 percent increase in sales over the prior year. Select writing instruments commonly used for this activity have also seen growth, including color markers (+17 percent); paint markers (+9 percent); permanent markers (+6 percent); gel pens (+6 percent); and porous pens (+5 percent).


What I understand to be effective in selling something is to know you are not selling the thing, you are selling results. Express your knowledge of solving a specific problem and you provide a solution through a service, instruction, podcast, webinar or a book!

Social media is a quick, easy  and inexpensive platform for reaching many people.

Currently, April Cacciatori has 2,061 friends on her personal FaceBook page, 1,270 on her FaceBook business page and InstaGram shows 1,118 Followers, total 4,448. Social media is a quick, easy  and inexpensive platform for reaching many people. 

April has a thriving massage therapy practice with over 6000 customer profiles on file and belongs to numerous networking groups online and locally within her hometown area such as The Mohawk Valley Women's Business Network and Women Ties.

Planning for a book launch begins early by creating a buzz, and promoting interest around the idea of the project. Posting on social media, encouraging conversational interaction with these posts boosts the organic sharing algorithms, getting the message to even more people. Add in FaceBook Ads and the sky is the limit as to how many people reached.

Speaking to your target market, the conversation is about why each and everyone of them must have this book.


'365 says of Self-Care' by Jayne Hardy

In 365 Days of Self-Care, CEO and founder of The Blurt
Foundation, Jayne Hardy encourages you to take some time each and every day to be mindful, to check-in and prioritize the things that are truly important to you.

Publisher: Spring

Published on Sep 13, 2018

Pages 220

**Nice journal for checking in daily, not much room to write.**

Daily Life Design Journal: A Self-reflection Journal to help You Design an Exceptional Life by LBB Life Design

Publisher: Onyx Empress Publishing

Published on June 1, 2015

This lovely guided self-reflection journal is designed to help you create your life with intention. Each evening, take a few minutes to give gratitude for your blessings, celebrate your small successes, set some goals for the next day and create a vision for your future.

**This is a nice journal, and feels very generic.**

'Zen As F*CK' by Monica Sweeney A Journal For Practicing The Mindful Art Of Not Giving A Sh*t

Publisher: Castle Point Books

Published: 2018

When quiet meditation and peaceful mantras aren’t enough to cut through the bullsh*t and brighten your day―hold close the pages of Zen as F*ck. On each and every page, you can give the good around you a warm f*cking hug and kick the bad on its ass.

**Sassy and fun loving, not everyone appreciates profanity.**

'Be Yourself (Everyone Else Is Already Taken) by Studio Oh!

Publisher: Orange Circle Studio

Published: January 1, 2016

Kick-start your journey of self-discovery with Studio Oh's Be Yourself guided journal. Be Yourself is filled with prompts, checklists and quotations to help you reflect on and write about the past, the present and your hopes and dreams.

**Another great example of a guided, I am looking to use my own words and provide a companion journal to my subscription box business.**

'Wreck This Journal' by Keri Smith

Publisher: The Penguin Group

Published: June 2007

Through a series of creative and quirky prompts, acclaimed guerilla artist Keri Smith encourages journalers to engage in destructive acts—poking holes through pages, adding photos and defacing them, painting pages with coffee, coloring outside the lines, and more—in order to experience the true creative process. With Smith's unique sensibility, readers are introduced to a new way of art- and journal-making, discovering novel ways to escape the fear of the blank page and fully engage in the creative process.

**Fun and interactive for sure, again, not me, not my specific message.**

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Everyday we rise. Hopes, dreams, aspirations, disappointments, heartache, despair. Without the dark, we would not see the light. Everyday I rise and that incessant ‘to do’ list starts ticking. Everyday moving forward I’m striving to replace that list with a gratitude as my first thought. This morning my list felt pressing and it kinda is, so I let it tick for about 39 seconds before I silently said to myself, I am so thankful for these fresh sheets, warm and comfortable. And I’m thankful for the peeps who show up at CrossFit to support my morning sweat. I am thankful I truly understand the power of my thoughts and words. What does it mean to be impeccable with your word?

Do you care for your emotional health like you care for your body? You brush your teeth typically twice daily...are you checking in and brushing up your mental well being??

Saturday December 30, 2017

I’m contemplating the new year, not with resolutions but with powerful intentions.

The most iconic day of year. New Year’s Eve. Resolutions. I will. I must. I can. Auld Lang syne. Hangovers.
How will you greet 2019?
I’ve been sharing the concept of One Word. One word that will represent your intention for how you show up in the next year. I’ve found a great group at, and there are others if you choose to look it up. So many words, how to get to that one?
My one word for 2019 is Nourish.
Everything I participate in, from food, play, and work, everything, I will consider how it nourishes me.
Will you play along? I would so love to hear your word.

I look and see the light in each and every one of you. Yes, some shine brighter than others. I turn my own light down when I need too, or when I’m just plain over extended it will dim. Can you see your light reflected back to you?

You can run around in circles looking real busy, or you can take each step with calculated intentions and clarity. Knowing your destination is key, more importantly, knowing how to get there is paramount.

Every time a negative thought about yourself arises today, practice recognition of that thought and take a moment to reframe. 
‘I suck’. Or ‘I know I can figure this out’. 
‘What was I thinking’ instead try ‘Up until now I wasn’t paying attention.’
Give yourself a break. Be you’re own advocate first. You do deserve it. You are enough.

Today is not just another Monday. It’s another day you rise up and breathe. In struggle and in joy, can you find the one gift that this day offers you?