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Michael Popov

Michael Popov

Oxford, United Kingdom

Educated in St Petersburg University,Russia, from 2007 Director of ESA Kant Mission ( Cosmic Vision 2015 - 2025), and currently from November 2018 Project Leader OMCAN, Mathematical Institute, Oxford University.

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Mathematical anthropologist and orbital researcher with experience in International Space projects ( Roscosmos, ESA, Oxford's quantum computing for the Space Sector).
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Plato's Enigma

Heuristic history of Plato's periodic perfect numbers.

History of the most famous mathematical puzzle of Platonism connected with Plato's passage 546, B8, Republic is considered. Mysterious story of perfect numbers governing human history is told.

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Suddenly one night in May after exactly 17 years of silence underground Magicacidada Septendud (Periodic Cicada) emerge to fill air with their raucous noise. Their incredible ability to merge by the millions within a matter of hours and to disappear shortly is without parallels in the animal kingdom. However, Plato, founder of Western Philosophy , had found unexpected striking analogy of such cicada cycle in the human history .
Part 1.
In his ridicule passage 546,book 8 Republic Plato suggested that there are periodic perfect numbers which must define such sort of political cycles of human history. Thus, after some period of time certain loss of vital power of human societies must emerge again and again. Correspondingly, new Gallipolis, new timocracy, new democracy and finally new tyrrany, governed by perfect numbers, must emerge again.
Part 2.
Despite all attempts of philosophers ( starting from Aristotle),historians, mathematicians,political theorists and translators during at least 2500 years,Plato's passage remained unsolved and poor understood. This vast literature produced what we define today as " Plato's Enigma ".
Part 3.
In 1999 after mysterious adventures with calculations I published in
prestigious and oldest mathematical journal of Europe (Bull Sci Math 1999 ,123) my modern mathematical solution of Plato's enigma. Using unpublished notebooks of great Indian self - educated mathematician Ramanujan, I introduced new 3 perfect periodic numbers which must provide successful Plato's calculations of political cycles in some unknown units of time.
Part 4.
After publication I faced with unexpected adventures which led me in Oxford where I discovered true Fundamentalness of Plato's periodic perfect numbers. In particularly, it is surprisingly that perfect number 28 is a Magic number in Nuclear physics ( nickel - 48 has 28 protons and atomic number 28)...!
I'd like to share my enjoyment by Plato's mystery and Plato's unspeakable math with my readers in our strange mysterious time of puzzling transformations.

Sales arguments

  • This is unique true story connected with Foundations of our Civilization
  • My story is based on Calculations of Plato's periodic perfect numbers
  • It is professionally made scientific result,it is not new translation or philosophical interpretation of obscure passage
  • For general readers, students, scientists, computer scientists, digital humanists, philosophers, theologians, Plato's scholars, translators from Greeks, political influencers and lovers of adventures
  • Result was introduced already in Student Textbooks on Number theory (2004) and it has applications in computer sciences and cryptography

Similar titles

  • In comparison with scholar investigation by Livio, M " The Golden Ratio..."(NY Broadway Books,2002), my story is based on pure mathematical investigation of all class of Plato's periodic perfect numbers ,taking seriously. This means, my result was published in professional mathematical journal in 1999. Correspondingly, it is not speculations by historian or translator on "Plato's number"
  • There are some associations with Dan Brown 's The Da Vinci Code (2003) where Brown used some elements of strange arithmetic. In my book I make reference to Da Vinci as well, where Da Vinci is applying in his paintings famous Ficino's book " De Numero Fatali" (1496) which contains Renaissance Ficino's attempt to understand Plato's number by pure mathematical way of thinking !
  • Probably, only Cambridge historian Adam J. ( 1891) had last honest attempt to describe Plato's enigma ( "Plato's number problem") in the terms of some serious algebra.


For general audience , students, interdisciplinary researchers, translators of Plato, digital humanists, philosophers, political speculative readers, artists, art historians, computer scientists and self - educating peoples.

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Michael Popov Oxford's researcher

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