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cameron mcvey

Cameron McVey is the author of Nova Sol, Remnant Species, Altered Earth and Hold Still the Sky along with several short stories (all available on He has been a fan of fantasy and science fiction ever since he can remember. Growing up he used to fall asleep listening to CBS Radio Mystery Theater and spent Saturday afternoons watching Creature Double Feature on WLVI, channel 56. Also, he collected comics and ended up doing his master's thesis ("How Green Is Your Power Ring?") on the structure of the modern, American superhero comic book.

His mother is a published poet and his father a world-class educator. He caught the "writing bug" from them at a very early age. He remembers scrawling short stories on scraps of paper in his bedroom late at night when he was supposed to be asleep.

His old job allowed him to travel the world. He has been to the Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat, the Taj Mahal, the Sahara Desert, Machu Picchu and countless other spots in Asia, Africa and South America. He has also traveled extensively throughout the United States and is, once again, living in the Colorado Rockies.

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