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Brenda Wardle

Brenda Wardle

Brenda Wardle is a South African author and world-renowned legal analyst. Wardle has analyzed many high profile cases including the Pistorius trial for Sky News, BBC, Channel 5, Fox News, Reuters, SABC, ANN7 & numerous radio stations. Wardle has three law degrees, notably an Intermediary Degree Criminal Justice Administration, a Bachelor of Laws Degree passed in a record two years, with distinctions in 12 modules as well as a Master of Laws Degree for which she obtained a distinction in Forensic Medicine for Masters also passing Advanced Constitutional Law & Fundamental Rights. Wardle is currently registered towards a Doctor of Laws degrees with the University of South Africa, with her research title being:- The Presumption of Innocence and Burden of Proof in Criminal Procedure in the South African Context. She has published numerous articles in legal journals and newspapers and her article on the Sub Judice Rule and Open Justice was cited by the Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, DCJ Dikgang Moseneke. Wardle has also facilitated training on statutory interpretation & other areas of the law to Judges, Regional Court Presidents, Magistrates, Trade Union Officials and Executives in the Public & Private Sectors. Her analysis on the Pistorius trial, as with other matters, has always been accurate.

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Brenda Wardle

To Kill A Fragile Rose: The State's C...

Brenda Wardle · Agora Publishing

This legal thriller is fast-paced and just as you thought you'd watched the trial on TV, this exposè rocks the very basis of your beliefs!

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