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Jochen Siepmann

Jochen Siepmann

Jochen Siepmann has been working in the Finance Industry for more than 20 years across Europe and Asia, in various management positions. As such, he is well versed with numbers, people management and investments. He is now an investor, trainer, mentor and author.

After his successful corporate career, Jochen has turned entrepreneur and launched his own training and coaching company. His main focus areas are Peak Performance and Property Investing programs. Jochen has been investing in properties for more than 25 years and owns houses, condominiums and commercial property in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany and the UK.

He now generously and passionately shares his vast knowledge, experience and expertise with his clients so they, too, can enjoy a passive income that sets them financially free and enables them to potentially retire early, take care of their family and have more time available.

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