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Dr. Karmen Smith

The "I AM" SOLUTION provides practical simple steps to transform our negative or traumatic experiences into our greatest treasure. The power lies within us every moment of our lives to see our life through the lens of fear and suffering or with the eyes of LOVE. Love is all there is and all we have to do it realize it.
Dr. Karmen Smith MSW LCSW is a licensed Clinical Social Worker with over twenty years experience in the Child Welfare field. She specializes in repairing relationships between biological parents and their children after foster care. She has a degree in mental health research/how the brain processes information and human biology. She has explored over the years how trauma can change our identity by utilizing fear to sap our power to overcome struggle. Dr. Smith is a metaphysical minister with a Doctorate in Divinity which allows her to see the spiritual aspect that is essential in transforming trauma to triumph.

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