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Andy Lang

Andy Lang was born in the north west of England in 1965 and worked in the early years as an engineer in an agricultural manufacturing company. Moving from the United Kingdom in the late 1990's he subsequently spent many years in the entertainment industry in Cataluña, Northern Spain and property sales in Andalusia, Southern Spain. After several years working as an Independent Financial Adviser in East Africa he now writes full time.

Over the years he has traveled extensively and has lived in Spain, the west of France, Brazil, Kenya and South Africa.
He currently lives with his wife and their young son in Uganda.

Published works to date include the International Bestselling novel - Traffik: The Stolen Girls (Top 100 Bestseller in Men's Adventure / Action & Adventure - Romance on and, plus The Fountain of Saba, Tokoloshe, The Red Trade, Finding Justine, Peninah's Passion, Harvester 7 and Gondell's Quest - Destiny (Book 1).

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Andy Lang

Gondell's Quest - Book Two

Andy Lang

The second half of Gondell's Quest - Destiny, a sword and sorcery epic set the a world before the rise of mankind

Science Fiction & Fantasy