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Larry Mickelson

Larry Mickelson

As a student of human behavior, Larry Mickelson has been involved in the study of the nature of human emotion, especially love. The goal was to make the concepts less confusing since they affect all of our lives very directly. For most of us, the most critical decision we will make in life is about whom to marry. We make those decisions based on movies or grandmothers' advice. Sometimes it works and we establish a lifelong relationship with someone we love. Raising a family is part of that decision; again, a decision that will affect us for as long as we live. Consequently, the beliefs about love and marriage are absolutely critical.
The decisions that are made are more often than not made because of how we feel at the time. But are feelings something we can rely on or do they change daily with our socks. After all, what is love? How do we know when we are in love? Will I love this person forever or for a couple of exciting, passionate months?
No matter what your experiences in life have been, this book will make you think and think about love and life--from a totally new perspective.
Larry Mickelson has taught psychology, presented seminars about love and even dabbled in politics.

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