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Nachum Kligman

Nachum Kligman

Nachum Kligman is a visionary entrepreneur and business consultant through his company, Ideago LLC. He has founded or co-founded more than twenty companies and entrepreneurial projects such as VC funded Viewbix Inc. &, 501 (c)3 NextDor Inc.,,, Gamzoo’s Restaurant, and many others. He has consulted and coached hundreds of business owners and non-profit organizations and is also a writer, speaker and an amateur photographer. He holds two technology patents for his vision and ideas that resulted in Viewbix Inc. He also has a very successful weekly podcast, “The Frum Entrepreneur,” which is one of the top Jewish podcasts on iTunes.

His biggest aspiration in life is to be a ben Torah and to help his fellow Jews succeed in the business world. He lives with his wife and children in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel.

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