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Mudit Sibal

Mudit Sibal is a business development professional with over eighteen years of experience, of which eight were in the US where he completed his education. His career has spanned across travel services at Rosenbluth International and Financial services at American Express in New York. He returned to India to work with IBM where he was involved in Marketing across Asia-Pacific before making his foray into the start-up world, where he is leading the business development at a mobile technology firm based in Goa.

The story for Aryul's Arc slowly came together due to Mudit's interest in Indian history and mythology. It was on his mind for almost 8 years through his life in the US and back in India before he put pen to paper. His two year journey to actually write the book inspired him to take a career break and move to the serenity of Goa. All these changes have found a reflection in the characters of this historical fiction

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