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Melinda Williams

Melinda Williams

A page may be blank, but there is an extraordinary feeling of the story being there, written in invisible ink and demanding to become visible. This feeling is no stranger to Melinda Williams, who currently resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Ellijay, Georgia with her husband and three children. Having recently overcome homelessness, Melinda quickly realized that she could turn her struggle into a driving force. One that allows her talent and zest for writing to be the gentle push towards becoming all that she’s ever wanted to be; A writer. After many failed attempts at waitressing, housekeeping and even grape picking at the local vineyards, Melinda eagerly accepted that being an Author was the only solution to bringing her happiness, satisfaction and a sense of worth.
The first “story” Melinda ever shared was in second grade, when she was asked to describe to her peers what she did over the summer. She bravely stood in front of the class and with complete confidence, began to spin a glorious tale of traveling to Egypt, where her and her father went fishing in the Nile River. Confident that her peers were convinced, she proudly walked back to her seat and sat down, knowing then and there that one day, she would become a writer. As a preteen, Melinda could be found getting yelled at for having one of her many V.C. Andrews books open at the dinner table.
Melinda has since written four novels, consisting of “All Through the House”, “Entry One: Dear Journal”, “I’ll Stop Lying, book One and Two” and was featured in a collective novel of short stories, titled “Once Upon a Time: Unexpected Fairy Tales”. Her titles can be found on various websites, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Good reads and more. Melinda is currently creating a spine-chilling thriller, entitled “On the Run” which is sure to bring white-knuckled page turning and heart racing chills.
When Melinda isn’t spending time with her family or writing, she can be found crocheting uneven doll dresses, which her daughter is positively thrilled about. Melinda also spends a portion of her time extensively researching and following homicide and kidnapping cases, cold and solved. She considers this an interesting hobby and has integrated much of her findings and knowledge into her writing. One may also find Melinda dancing around the living room, completely convinced that should her writing career fail, she might find a position as a backup dancer for one of her many favorite artists. Melinda’s husband would say that she could be found in the kitchen, whipping up one of her many delicious Italian dishes that keep him sticking around. That and her undeniable charm, of course.
Melinda Williams is a hardworking, dedicated and determined young woman who has spent the majority of her life struggling, before deciding to completely surrender herself to her family and her writing. With this rebirth of hope and possibility, Melinda works diligently to provide many more wonderful stories for readers of all types.

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Melinda Williams

On the Run

Melinda Williams

A spine-chilling, adrenaline inducing thriller that leaves you gripping the pages when Mark sees Breaking News, a man is wanted - It's him.

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