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Ben Westwood

Hi folks I'm Ben and I guess what I do most is music and campaigning on various social issues that are close to my heart.
I'm not longer campaigning much at the moment and what I'd really like to do, which is something I'v had in my head for a while and friends have recommended I should, is write some of my life story.

I guess I was a bit of strange kid in a way and started running away from home and social services care from around age 10 and going missing for weeks on end. By 12 I was living on the streets of London for months at a time and I think by writing this book it will not only give a lot of people a lot of insight into life living on the streets but also perhaps my own inner healing.
There are many stories to tell and this is what I'm planning to do.
Any advice and support getting there is greatly appreciated.
Big Love :)

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