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Alex Bellini

My name is Alex Bellini and I am an Italian explorer. During the last 15 years, I raced through the Sahara desert, tasted the frozen Alaskan land pulling a sledge for up to 2000 km, rowed alone across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, ran from the West to the East coasts of the United States, and now everything is ready for my next adventure: living alone on an iceberg to document the final stages of its life as the ice melts. 

Different journeys that brought me to deal with similar aspects of the human experience: inner tensions, fear, solitude and the need to find a meaning for what was happening around me. This book was born out of the will to share some of the experiences that shaped my life and explain why, sometimes, not getting what we want can turn itself into the greatest stroke of luck of our life. 

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Alex Bellini

What I Won When I Lost Everything

Alex Bellini

When you think it's a failure, you're just looking at the wrong ide.

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