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Jenn Fiden

Jenn Fiden has been writing for over 15 years.

She holds a master’s degree in English linguistics and a postgraduate degree in advertising and public relations management.

For five years Jenn worked as a senior editor for a multinational financial services company and dedicated considerable amount of her time to business and analytical writing.

At a certain point Jenn decided to change the path of her career and shifted to freelance copywriting and ghost writing to allow more flexibility and creativity into her life.

Three years ago Jenn embarked on another challenge in her professional and personal development when she applied her writing skills and analytical expertise to address binge-eating – the disorder she had suffered from almost her entire life. Jenn started a profound research on biological and psychological triggers behind binge eating, tested various methods and theories, and kept records of her battle against this life-poisoning enemy. Her journal grew into an inspirational story which combines both emotional experience and thorough analysis of every step she made to achieve the desired success. When Jenn put a full stop to binge eating, she continued her work in this area and committed herself to helping other people who want to put overeating struggles behind and live a happier and more fulfilling life. Her notes and the analysis of the recovery process enjoyed positive feedback and encouragement of the community she shared her journal with.

Now Jenn is the leader of a support group for people who suffer from overeating and seek recovery. She collaborates with scientists, biologists, and psychologists to explore this disorder, bring better understanding of the nature of binge-eating, and develop a broad and comprehensive range of solutions to this problem.

Jenn loves intense workouts, healthy balanced nutrition, and travelling. She calls home any place at this beautiful planet which welcomes her and provides an opportunity to explore uncharted territory.

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