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Kamal Ghazi

Since Egypt’s revolution of 2011, I’ve been interested in studies of philosophy and anthropology; have since developed personal quantitative as well as qualitative research methods in both fields, including the study of sociology (of rights and justice) and economics; all gathered in a branches-of-philosophy special view, where I participate through research and essay:
• Epistemology, concerning the philosophy of sciences and the philosophy of language;
• Ethics, interacting with social and political philosophies (centering on the issues of rights and justice), with regard to an analytic economic course, in the lights of the philosophy of law;
• Logic, associated with the philosophy and evolution of mind, upon the principles of evolutionary biology (considering Charles Darwin’s Natural Selection further studies – including genetics and memetics), in favor of the problematic of natural rights and the concept of justice;
• Metaphysics, combined with philosophy of religion, theology, linguistic and mythical [sacred] narratives of history, with, necessarily, history of religion according to [mythology of] rituals.

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