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Juni Mukherjee

Online Resume:

I hail from the eastern part of India, a city called Kolkata, and my official name is Maitrayee. I moved to United States many years ago and very few friends in the US managed to get my official name right. Both the pronunciation and the spelling proved to be twisters and I tried to help by breaking the larger problem into multiple small problems. Maitrayee, as in My Adorable Introvert, Take Rest As You Eat Eggs. Well, we fixed the spelling nightmare. However, we didn’t get far, as far as pronunciation was concerned. Fortunately, I was born in June and my friends and family in India call me Juni since birth. And that’s what stuck in the academic and professional community here in US. I go by Juni - nothing official about it.

I have worked in Continuous Delivery projects for yet-to-be-famous startups and for established companies, like Apple, Yahoo!, ThoughtWorks, Gap Inc. and GoPro. I share my experience of releasing quality products frequently and predictably, and how the manual processes can be automated with good design and smart decisions. Continuous Delivery is not a discipline on it’s own (not yet), and the science behind it is rarely taught in schools. This book will help folks build and strengthen their Continuous Delivery Pipelines.

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