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John Thomas O'Halloran

My name is John T O'Halloran. I have published two novels titled The Second Conflict and The Final Rite. They are part of an epic fantasy trilogy called ‘THE CHILDREN OF ADAM.’ Both books can be viewed using the following links: The Second Conflict: The Final Rite: My author background which will be seen by following these links’ is true, please read it.

Red Chameleons reinforces my view that this is indeed a forlorn planet. I once studied international politics, hence this story and my jaundiced view of humanity. This book is a historical thriller/fiction novel and entirely different to the above books. I wrote it 1993, then put it to one side because of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the cold war, which killed its potential impact at the time.

Since the current political climate between Russia and the USA has changed and since Putin has stated he wants to reinstate the Russian royal family, the relevance of the book in the year of the American election is abundantly clear. This book and its sequel now takes priority over my other writing. Nonetheless, the final part of the trilogy has been planned.

I have also written a lot of poetry. During the process of writing the sequel, I shall complete the trilogy and complete the draft of another, which is a spoof of modern life.

In between writing and working when I can, I hope I can watch some rugby and drink some wine when I can afford it. I currently livesin West Sussex with my partner Micky, where with her support, I am trying to bring Red Chameleons to the largest market possible, which will hopefully enable me write full time.

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