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Jessica Lipnack

Jessica Lipnack

Jessica Lipnack is author of six books including Networking (Doubleday), The Networking Book (Viking Penguin), and The Age of the Network and Virtual Teams (both Wiley) that have been translated around the world and are used by companies, NGOs, governments, religious denominations, and grassroots groups.

Writing books has led to invitations to consult, speak, and teach at such organizations as Apple, Brookings Institution, Cisco, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Credit Suisse, GE, Fidelity, HP, IBM, Intel, Manulife, Marriott, Qantas, Shell, Steelcase, Tetra Pak, Unilever, UN, the U.S. Army, The White House, and Volvo.

Her shorter pieces have appeared in The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, The Industry Standard, Ars Medica, Mothering, The Futurist, Six Word Stories, and on Cognoscenti website. Along the way, she wrote a natural-foods breakfast cookbook.

She was an early on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and has blogged
at Endless Knots since 2005.

Online since 1980, she’s participated in many experiments on the Web and in social media. Her career highlights include:

• Teaching in the first online global executive education program, WBSI, La Jolla, CA
• Serving on the Calvert Social Investment Fund Advisory Council
• Co-chairing the Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Committee in New England
• Co-launching NetResults, the first online cross-agency employee network for the U.S. government
• Co-designing and launching PresbyNet, an early network for a major denomination
• Receiving Freedom House’s Muriel Snowden Leadership Award
• Serving on Antioch University’s Board of Trustees
• Co-founding MassNet to promote cross-sectorial collaboration in Massachusetts with an inaugural event featuring Peter Drucker and Sen. Ed Markey
• Co-designing and launching software for collaboration (OrgScope, Livelink virtualteams)
• Contributing to Our Bodies, Ourselves
• Serving on the Board of Directors of The Buckminster Fuller Institute

Jessica started writing as a reporter for her hometown daily, The Pottstown (PA) Mercury, when she was 16. Her experience working for her high school paper, The George School News, and for her college paper, The Antioch Record, proved critical to honing her writing and editing skills.

The mother of two grown daughters and grandmother of identical-twin grandsons, she lives in Vermont. When not writing, she knits, cooks, practices yoga, and wastes time online.

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