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Akinloluwa Olumoroti

Akinloluwa Olumoroti

Akinloluwa is a trained physicist who works as a renewable energy enthusiast by day and a writer by night. He in an introvert who strongly believes that we are all inherently complex people and so can not be defined by a single narrative. He is particularly drawn to social commentaries, religion and the philosophy of science.

In a Constellation of Vital Notes, he delves into the world of pop culture, spiritual wisdom, social expectations and his own background - an amalgamation of his Nigerian descent and American education. He unabashedly approaches topics as human sexuality, personal responsibility, the nature of God and the inevitability of death.

His writings has appeared in various religious magazines and school bulletins. He currently lives in Chicago and his passions besides writing and speaking include singing, nature photography, and conversations. He volunteers with Schaumburg Community Church and is a big supporter of By The Hand Club of Chicago.

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Akinloluwa Olumoroti

A Constellation of Vital Notes

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A young man's understanding of life in prose, poetry and photographs.