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Dinah Spitalnik

Dinah is the daugther of Ivetta holocaust survivor from Macedonia.
This will be her first novel. She is a marketing specialist.

Her mother Ivetta Konforti, is actually 80 years old, her grand-parents passed away while they were living in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Her goal is to present this novel about their story during the Holocaust, next October 2016.
In 2011, she reconnected with the sucessors of the muslims families that shelter her family, and last year, she had the most amazing experience meeting them in Kosovo.
This novel is about Yugoslavian Jews that fougth to survive, it is about the Muslim families taht sheltered them during the war, risking their lives, and about how years later, there was an opportunity to help them back.
It is about the decision of their sucessors to reconnect and meet face to face, last year in Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.
This is an Holocaust story, were the characters are real, written in a friendly language, keeping the attraction of the reader during the whole book.
Join them throgh this amazing journey, were danger was spiced with the flavours and aromas of one of the most traditional and delicious balkanic cuisine.

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Dinah Spitalnik


Dinah Spitalnik

This book is about the Holocaust, Persecuters and Saviors, Jews and Muslims, Recognition and Retribution, and their Descendants relationship