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Islin Munisteri

Islin Munisteri is an engineer by day, writer by night, and keeps her depression at bay by writing and volunteering. She lives in Alaska, in the United States, with her husband, two kids, and 15 (plus or minus 5) chickens, and her dog named Suki.

She decided to write this book after struggling with self-worth issues, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation, despite having "the career", two kids and a white picket fence, and a loving and supportive husband and family.

She is currently a reservoir engineer working for the State of Alaska after working for a Fortune 100 company for five years. She has experience across both onshore and offshore, operated and non-operated, across the United States. She has worked coalbed methane in the Powder River Basin, tight gas in East Texas and Ardmore Basins, and conventional oil and gas fields in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico and Alaska’s Cook Inlet.

Islin graduated from Colorado School of Mines in 2009 with a BS in Petroleum Engineering. Since 2006, Islin has been an active volunteer with the Society of Women Engineers, holding leadership and committee member positions, locally, regionally and internationally. She is a lead editor for The Way Ahead, Society of Petroleum Engineer’s magazine for young professionals. She is working on launching Creating Potential, a nonprofit startup targeted at letting students in middle and high school see the real world of STEM.

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Islin Munisteri

You Are Enough

Islin Munisteri

Are you a mom, wife, and employee, who's being suffocated by competition? This book will give you strategies to say you are enough!

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