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Dawn Kiss

Dawn is an author of many different genres. Her work spans that of poetry, inspiration, self-empowerment and a fictional series that begins with Grandma's Attic. Grandma’s Attic has become known as a ‘fictional autobiography’. This series is being written for high school students with the hopes of opening their eyes and hearts to the injustices of teen life. It spans a wide range of everyday obstacles in a teen’s life: from peer pressure to bullying to indifference. Her desire is to bring understanding, tolerance and self-acceptance to these teens.

She offers through both, her career and writing, teachings of personal development, empowerment, spiritual growth and serenity. Dawn is the founder of The Dawn of a New Age since 2005. Her business offers a person the opportunity to grow, heal, and find hope in a world that offers very little at times. It is through her empowerment courses that a doorway is opened to change lives. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Relaxation Therapist, and Spiritual Counselor with a background in Social Psychology.

Dawn has embraced being a spiritual psychic, medium and empath most of her life. Psychometry enables her to receive answers for people through all of the senses: clairvoyance (sight), clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling). This is also the means that is used to connect to those who have crossed over. It is through mediumship that she is able to offer people peace after the harshness of losing a loved one. This ability is something Dawn is very grateful for. These ‘gifts’ have come from both sides of her family. Dawn’s mother was a psychic and her father’s mother was an empath and an intuitive. She has been blessed by both. Dawn’s sessions with people are meant to bring them clarity, peace, understanding and hope. This work has been extremely rewarding. It is her desire to bring the extraordinary to life one person at a time.

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