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Jawaad Sheikh

Jawaad Sheikh

Jawaad has his Masters in Engineering and is an accomplished speaker as a professor at Sheridan College in Canada. Jawaad has launched multiple businesses and has published a number of apps in the app store including a fighting mobile game called "Munkee Kissin Dunkee" ( and a childrens storybook called "The Adventures of JoJo and ToTo" (

Jawaad is an avid writer and is actively contributing to a couple of online publications including "" where he shares his knowledge of entrepreneurship, presentation and career building skills. As well as "" where Jawaad shares his knowledge of internet safety with the world. A topic that Jawaad research's heavily.

Day by day, Jawaad sees how cybercriminals are going after the average Joe and Jane and how it is costing us all as a society. He envisions an online world where we all can live safely.

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