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Paula Marie

Paula Marie grew up during a time when girls an women in the United States were held to strict gendered roles. Girls were supposed to be pure, submissive, domestic, and godly. When the author experienced unspeakable abuses and trauma, she was blamed instead of supported. She learned a lesson many women understand: Women who do not conform to expectations are shamed, silenced, and cast out. Pregnant at 15, she was sent away to a home for unwed mothers and was forced to relinquish her child for adoption.

Desperate to find her voice, Paula began a journey of recovery and empowerment. This journey eventually led her to graduate school where she studied speech communication. Eventually, Paula became a speech communication instructor at a community college where she helps others find their voices.

Paula has given workshops on communication and communication assessment throughout the United States. She frequently gives speeches and workshops on communication-related topics and also does Susan B. Anthony impersonations.

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