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mswhillyk Jackson

Crystal Jackson is a creative writer/blogger who use writing as a way to express and expand her imagination with no barrier. She has previously written two books and working on self-editing them, also just recently created two blog site on WordPress entitled: "talk show on a blog" the goal for this project is to serve as a voice for the MALE audience by interviewing men on different topics such as: controversial issues about women, political issues, social media and then blog's about it Leaving the topic open for comments, to establish debate/discussion. The plan for this is to create a talk show but through blogging. Her other blog "Mswhillyk speaks up" this blogs is about general discussion she has something to say. This is one of her topics " five reasons people break up there unaware of" it's really insightful the purpose is more for entertainment, marketing, and social purposes. IT doesn't end there she also guess blogs on several cites such as fiverr,, and stages of life. Although writing comes natural for her, she constantly working on ways to be the best. by researching, social networking, writing everyday, marketing, and is in the process of taking the necessary steps to pursue an Associate Degree in creative writing this fall. Crystal Jackson currently resides in Harrells, NC

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