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Megan Rainbird-Webb

Without a word, shuffling fingers on the keyboard. It matters not which they shuffle across, they will make something great. Be it a melody or a story, through her blood it flows and with it she will paint masterpieces.
In sadness and in joy her fingers will never still. A harmony of keys, a melody hidden among words and a story written in notes. The inkweaver never stops and never will. Not until she has bled all the ink from her veins and entire worlds vanish from her eyes.


I'm Megan Keanhi Rainbird-Webb. I thoroughly enjoy spending my time reading. I express myself through my music and my writing.

I've always wanted to write and I try my best to write good stories. I am working to improve my skills everyday and if you look at the stuff I used to write six years ago you'll know that it's getting better. Even so, bear with me, I really do hope that you will enjoy my stories.

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