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Kirsten Tucker

Kirsten Tucker

K.B. Tucker lives in Chattanooga, TN where she enjoys the beauty of the Tennessee River and the rich history of the area. To escape the cold of winter she and her family make frequent trips down to South Florida where they enjoy Pirate Season. She has been an avid reader since childhood, as well as an author, having won a medal in 2nd grade for a children's dinosaur story about a chess playing Compsognathus. One has to start somewhere!

Her professional book writing debut started with the children's book "Best Book Ever" in December 2015. A quirky book about the power, in fact the secret of books (without pictures). It continues to grow in sales and popularity every month. The second in the series, "Worst Best Book Ever" will be out in April 2016 and will bring to light the other...other...secret of books.

K.B. Tucker grew up moving around the United States living in such states as Maine, Virginia, New York, Michigan, Montana, and Hawaii, just to name a few. These experiences make for rich fodder for her children's and adult books. Keep a lookout for familiar stories and sites!

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