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Stef Kuypers

You might not expect a book about personal growth from someone who spent most of his career in IT but Stef's diverse walk of life, wide ranged interests and inquisitive ways of looking at things provide a unique mix which results in a quirky perspective on this thing called life.

The change started with a hobby: improvisation theater. It was this hobby that made him realize "I don't want to work with computers anymore, I want to work with people". And he got out. It was a winding career path which led him through creative thinking, coaching and leadership courses to eventually c0me out as a trainer/facilitator, digital activist and eventually, a writer. Ok, let's be honest here, not actually a book writer (he does write blog posts though), more a book content provider. He has enough self knowledge to know that it'd take ages to write a book himself so he chose to collaborate with Graeme to help him get the content out there in a structured format, commonly known as a book. It's better for him and it's better for his readers.

His own personal growth path has been littered with challenges, coming both from within himself and from his surroundings. Gathering knowledge, reflection and experimentation have been his tools to work through these.
It is exactly this diverse path in life, sprinkled with a deep interest in social sciences, communication processes and systems thinking that gives him a unique perspective on the topic of personal growth.

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