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Shelly Hood

Shelly Hood

Hi guys, Shelly Hood here. Hope you all having a great day and i want to thank-U for stopping by to support the printing of our beautiful coffee table book "Little Faces in Country Places" this book is full of your gorgeous children in our gloriously beautiful country. I am not only passionate about photographing children and finding their essence, their soul, their unique beauty and bringing that out in my work, but it's also important to me to make ART for your walls and now for your coffee tables! I'm so excited to get this published and out into the world. This is step one of my Little Faces of Inspiration Project which you can follow on facebook, i have so much i want to photograph and share with the world.
This is the second book in the Little Faces series the first one being Little Faces in Faraway Places, again filled with children from rural and regional Western Australia, that book was not only a huge success and also of hard work, it raised much needed funds for the Royal Flying Doctors WA which many of the kids in the book were very familiar with.
I have been in the photography industry over the last 21 years and in business since 2008.
My other passion is everything about country life, my kids, my fur babies, the farm animals, my farm, the views, the trees, old sheds,7 the fresh air and the community spirit, it's just wonderful living in the country away from the hustle and bustle of suburbia.

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