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Richard Rice

Richard Rice is the founder of MAN ON PURPOSE ministry, a christian based men's ministry. Richard has also hosted a successful blogtalk radio program; Real Life Man Talk. Richard is also a John Maxwell certified leadership trainer, coach, and speaker.

Richard has taken his several years of serving in the church in the homeless ministry, security ministry, and Celebrate Recovery, his personal experiences, and of course guidance and wisdom from God to bring you his first self published book entitled: The ABC's of MAN ON PURPOSE - 26 steps to become the man you are intended to be. The book gives men 26 key elements to aid in finding their purpose, on purpose.

Richard has learned through experiences in his own life, bible studies, prayer, and conversations with several men, that in order to be usable by God and walk in His plans and purposes for our lives, we have to be more intentional in our pursuit.

Richard has a passion to see men's lives transformed from the inside out, as God has done in his own life. This book takes men back to the basics, with various bible scriptures to back up anything that has been written; as well as personal testimonies from his own life. He shares with you personal issues and difficult obstacles and situations he had to overcome, and he hopes that his testimonies resonate with men who have or are dealing with their own share of the same.

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