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Nadim Siraj

Nadim is a journalist for last eleven years with the Statesman Newspaper and the Indian Express in India.
Currently he is based out of Muscat and is associated with the Muscat Daily Newspaper.

From his school days Nadim loves to write indepth articles on various subjects several of which was published in top newspapers in India when he was in school.

But writing on his own took a little backstage when he started working in Newspaper but his articles were very popular in widely circulated Idian newspapers.

Nadim travelled a lot due to his job. This time he went to Greece in 2015 with his wife who is also a journalist and co-author of the book. The country was suffering its worst economic crisis at that point of time. It was not a run-on-the mill travel. They documemnted Greece as it was at that time and travel with a different eye, with indepth view to document Time.

Nadim and his wife made a number of short and documentary films some of them got international recognition.

Nadim is simultaneously writing another short story book.

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