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Adam Russell

Adam Russell

Adam is a veteran of the software industry, and has spent most of his working life helping bring software products to market on both sides of the technology and business divide. If not products then the projects have been large systems integration implementations for major corporates. Adam fell into the software development business almost by accident, having planned a career in life-sciences from early in high school. At one time his goal was to study at Woods Hole Institute and research marine mammals on some tropical island. But, everything changed when he took a catchup course in Computing Science; and here we are now with over 25 years of PM experience, and a lot of words written about the meaning of the role of Project Manager or Project Leader.

Adam has constantly questioned his purpose in the role of Project Manager, constantly asking questions to find our real purpose as project leaders? It was clear early that a PM's purpose not to build schedules or write reports. These are peripheral by-products of our purpose. His purpose is not defined by methodology, tool-sets and technology platforms.

Adam believes that his purpose as a Project Leader is to find the handful of questions that really matter to our customers and that guide us in understanding our end game. Then we need to orchestrate the minimum effort necessary to answer these questions as project outcomes. We are guided in that orchestration by a small set of principles that reflect more about how people think and work together. We do not need to automatically mandate the use of methodologies and tools.

This is the opposite of commonly held project management catechism. Any grounded human being who has worked with others to achieve some outcome has more in common with a successful project manager. Anyone can figure this out if they have the right principles. And so effective project management is not hostage to a methodology certification or PM software platform.

As such Adam wants to help people change the way they think about project management and to achieve real and lasting outcomes.

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