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Tim Hill

Tim is not a former athlete, movie star or business guru. Tim was that student that totally disrupted the classroom with his antics and behavior. But now has taken what he has learned and combined it with his humor and wit to create a brand new style of learning for teachers, students, and stakeholders alike.
“One climb at a time,"is what Tim Hill teaches youth when it comes to life. He engages students by telling them inspiring stories about how he made mistakes, made bad decisions,and how he overcame obstacles by not letting his past dictate his future. He uses tools such as social media, music and videos to make his programming current and relevant. He addresses topics such as relationships, drug prevention,student success and how eliminate disruptive behaviors while creating positive environment for all parties.
Tim Hill is a Youth Motivator, Education Coach and Author. He has a Masters in Human Service/Clinical Counseling. He is currently working on his E.Ed in Educational Leadership in which will complete in 2017. He was a Youth Care Professional where he supervised and oversaw juveniles in a enhanced group home. Spent nearly six years as counselor and diversion coordinator. Tim has been a teacher for 5 years at Fort Worth ISD where he teaches a diverse group of students. He has been speaking to groups for over 10 years.

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