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Dee Thinker

Writing and speaking well have always been priorities in Soliman's short life. As student of Biology and a surveyor of life's simpler pleasures, Soliman prefers to escape this mortal realm in favor of those that stretch the imagination. He can be often found lost in wonder at the beauty of life's most basic components, while marveling at the complexities of the whole.

Inspired by the Inheritance Cycle, and an unforgettable dream, they decided to put pen to paper, creating the world of Erophel. They focus on the strength of will and how important a factor will can be in the face of conflict. Many aspects of their work draw from every day interactions with friends, family, and four legged companions.

As the reader may notice, the lead character is a young woman from humble beginnings. This reflects on Soliman's own life, where many of their mentors and closest friends are indeed women. Women with strong dreams and convictions. Women who grace every identity under the sun. The lead character draws from their characteristics, creating a literary force for readers to gravitate to. Soliman strives to create real and dimensional characters that are as complex as the average, emotion driven individual.

While not writing, they enjoy hoarding succulents and caring for five dogs of various ages. From one echeveria to several dozen jades, succulents hold beauty that only patience will reward. Keeping them safe from the dogs is another story, but, like children, the canines keep everyone around them on their toes. Characters themselves, they are a source of personalities found throughout Soliman's books.

Soliman currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Dee Thinker


Dee Thinker

Erophel; a land where humans and fair folk alike harness the power of will to accomplish awe inspiring deeds.

Science Fiction & Fantasy