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Stefan Verstappen

Stefan Verstappen

Stefan Verstappen lived and traveled extensively throughout East Asia in the 80’s and early 90’s and was one of the few westerners to study traditional Kung Fu from several famous masters.

By day, living in Taipei, he worked as a corporate trainer, and later as a publicist, and mingled with diplomats, bankers, business entrepreneurs, expats, and CIA agents. He wrote articles for Business Taiwan and has been featured in the Shanghai Business Journal and the People’s Daily.

By night, he trained in Kung Fu and worked as a bodyguard for assorted underworld clients. He mingled with triads, club owners, pop stars, drug dealers, murderers, hookers, and smugglers.

Stefan has written dozens of articles about China for such publications as The Trends Journal, and In Flight Magazine, to Black Belt and Inside Kung Fu magazines.

His previous books on China include: The Thirty Six Strategies of Ancient China, and Chinese Business Etiquette.

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