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Candace Bowser

A penchant for research and a dedication to creating literary indulgences that the reader is unable to forget, Hargrove spends a great deal of time researching the larger than life characters of history to formulate characters unforgettable, despised, and strangely adored. She writes horror, dark romance, and paranormal in the Adult, New Adult, and YA categories. Award Winning Author and Top 100 Seller, 2014 Author of the Year Double Decker Book Awards Historical/Horror for Dark Days Remy Broulette. Top 20 Most Prolific Authors of 2011 by AKG Magazine (under name of Candace Bowser).

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Candace Bowser

The Incredulous Life of Oedipus Poole

Candace Bowser

Oedipus Poole led a life so fantastic the world believed him to be the greatest imposter who had ever lived. Nevertheless, the truth was simple. Every bit of it was ...