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A. White

B.A in Social Science and minor major history and geography. Won award for ability to name every country in the world, it' capital and native language. Wrote as a child and won the state's version of the junior Edgar Allen Poe reward for reciting the Raven by memory. I received a award for writing an essay on my interpretation of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Performance in the Greek tragedies was rewarded by a ticket to the musical "Cats" where I as fortunate enough to meet Andrew Lloyd Webber. I'm an avid reader and book collector.

---------------------------------Recent Book Review

A great story of saints, demons, spirits, good and evil set 500 years in the future. A 24 year old single mother with energy and a fighting attitude is always on the road fleeing malevolent forces coming after her. As she gives as good as she gets and always manages to stay one step ahead of her pursuers due to her inner qualities and a little help from above, the reader comes to realize that she is more than just a tough, strong woman fighting to save her family: she is a warrior called to battle to fight for the greater good . A good intro to the paranormal genre and for a perspective on what life will be like a half millennium from now.


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