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Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey


Jonah. Author. Educator. Mentor. Speaker. Recruiter. Innovator. Investor.

Founder [and occasionally co-founder] of numerous tech start-ups using the Lean Startup Methodology; helped craft working prototypes in several industries including recruiting, bitcoin, and mobile app development.

Rainmaker: Raised over $1MM for other peoples' early stage start-ups. Journalist and magazine publisher. Mobile App and Biz Dev for iOS/Droid/Kindle/Nook. SaaS software development and marketing. Experience with bitcoin, iBeacons, eCommerce, audio and video blogging. Extensive hospitality roles. Manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, insurance, customer service and recruiting leadership. LBOs. MRP. CAD/CAM. TLS: TOC, Lean Six Sigma. Theory of Constraints Jonah's Jonah. Numerous clients around the globe are passionate about my entrepreneurial efforts on their behalf.

Plenary: "Should Your Organization have an App" at ACLEA, Austin, TX; January 2014.

Presented "90 Days is Long Enough to Launch" at MoDevEast; Washington, DC; December 2012.

Americas Sponsorship Lead for StartupBus 2012.

Presented "System Optimization via TOC" at DoD Performance Symposium; Lansdowne 2010.

Presented "Lean Real Time Performance Management"—National Mfg Week; Chicago 2008.

Presented "Leading Lean Six Sigma Projects"—Quality Expo; Detroit 2008.

Authored "Purple Curve Effect" (Throughput Press, 2004).

Keynote: "Theory of Constraints in Production" NWDA 2002.

Presented "Internet Marketing" at NTMC 2000.

Toastmasters International; CTM and ATM.

Taught Computer Science for ten years.

US Marine Corps veteran; Letter of Commendation.

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