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Andrew Marc Rowe

Born and raised in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Andrew Marc Rowe grew up with a kind introspective lawyer for a father and a warm outgoing sports enthusiast for a mother. He has three siblings, all born within eight years of each other, and the quartet remain close to this day. Despite his mother's best efforts to get him out of the house, he spent most of his free childhood time locked in a basement dungeon with fantasy books and video games and a small tight-knit circle of friends.

When adulthood hit, Andrew gradually began coming out of his shell, traveling to locales as far flung as France, Germany, and South Korea before finally returning home to buckle down and pursue a law degree. All was not well in the realm, however, for upon completion of law school, Andrew found himself on a downward spiral of anxiety, depression, and a run in with addiction.

Andrew's trail upwards began in earnest after a pair of life-changing trips to Peru were followed by a return mission to repair the parts of his life that were broken. His journey culminated in marriage to his soulmate and the birth of his daughter.

His first three books, The Yoga Trilogy, are Andrew's attempt to marry the thematic threads of the fantasy books and mythology he so loved in his youth with the spiritual fiction and yoga practices that provided the respite he so sorely needed in his adult years. When he was a child, the former, like the works of Homer, J.R.R. Tolkien, and R.A. Salvatore, allowed magic and adventure to flow into his world, giving life colour with the strength of his imagination. The latter, like the works of Paulo Coelho, Hermann Hesse, and, well, Patanjali, were medicine for his soul during his darker days. His humble intention with his work is to create a colourful chimera of adventure, magic, and spirituality.

Soul medicine for anyone, yogi or not, with a soft spot for wizards and dragons.

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