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DN Charles

DN Charles is a pseudonym. I work at a major Australian university and ask to remain anonymous for this work. My background is in tutoring and lecturing in areas relating to communication and writing. This journal is my story but, for it to be told truly and unfiltered, the characters in it, and I, need to keep our faces averted.

For the record other works of mine have been published in The Australian, Oxford University Press and other imprints in Australia and the U.S.: poetry, plays, short fiction... I hold awards for my poetry, and a literature grant for a novel, to be released in my own name next year. This memoir, grown from a year's worth of frantic and honest notes, is my first full-length work.

Child of the Moon was released as an e-book on Smashwords in 2010. Within three weeks it had made it to number 8 on the Smashwords Best Sellers list and was number 1 in Religion and Spirituality downloads. In 2011 it was number 5 in the top twenty Men's Health books on Diesel Books. On the basis of this, feedback from over 500 downloads and free copies given to sex workers, I withdrew the digital editions in readiness for hard copy publication.

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