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Azrael Tseng

Azrael Tseng

Azrael Tseng is the author of the 'Was Eternal' series, 'The Fifth Claw', '52 and Counting' and other works of fiction.

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Azrael Tseng

The Fifth Claw

Azrael Tseng

Ryu is a four-clawed dragon that desperately wants to come to Earth, where it is said dragons are treated as gods. But only the Great Four-Headed Dragon can grant that ...

Azrael Tseng

Balls! When A Girl Has Them

Azrael Tseng ยท 7 publishers interested

What happens if a girl starts developing male parts? Based on real accounts of Guevedoces syndrome, this sensitive, humorous story depicts a 12-year-old girl coping with her body's unexpected changes.

Young Adult