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Devika Das

Devika Das is a speaker, trainer, and a c-suite coach, specializing in leadership
transformations. She specializes in using the principles of psychology to enhance the
professional influence of senior leadership.
Devika works with international clients in small groups or in one on one setting. She uses
coaching tools developed by her at INSEAD during her thesis research. As a graduate of
INSEAD’s Executive Masters in Clinical and Organizational Psychology (EMCCC) her interests
include interpersonal perspective, leadership dynamics within groups and teams, and
organizational change, from both a micro and organizational stand.
She has coached senior executives from a wide range of organizations and industries
including retail, banking, law firms, media, and infrastructure. Her international career spans
25 years living and working in the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific region. 10 of these years
were in Mainland China in the training and consulting industry.

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