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Karthik Sharma

I'm Karthik Sharma.

19 years old..
My DOB: December 02

I'm a resident of Mangalore, Karnataka.
Citizen of India.

wєll... í'm hєrє tσ ѕhσw thαt í cαn wrítє ѕσmє rσmαncє (nσ mαturє cσntαínѕ) ..

I give much importance to human feeling in my stories.
And try to bring some hidden thoughts in the mind...

í líkє tσ wrítє,rєαd,ѕíng...

wrítíng lчrícѕ αnd tuníng ít up wαѕ σncє α fαvσrítє hσввч σf mínє.

í líkє chσcσlαtєѕ, ícєcrєαmѕ.
í'm fαn σf αmír khαn, jαmíє dσrnαn αnd αlíα вhαtt

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