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Lawrence Wolfe

Lawrence J. Wolfe ignored his high school creative writing teacher who repeatedly told him “You’re a writer … you need to have this published.” Instead, he listened to his high school guidance counselor and went into sales save two forays into business ownership. From chemicals to cars, for 42 years, Lawrence sold it all. Though it wasn’t what he was meant to do, he was good at it and it paid for him to pursue his passion for sky diving, first as a student, then as an instructor and finally owning his own jump school. Always an adrenaline junkie Lawrence made dangerous base jumps and was known for being a “dirty low puller.” After 9,000 jumps and a nearly fatal base jump in Yosemite which landed him in the hospital for a month, Lawrence continued to jump until the post 9/11 regulations shut down drop zones that were too close to the new enhanced B airspace – this was the final financial blow to his fledgling jump school causing it to fold. Always studying the human condition and seeing the world through a writer’s eye, the words of that creative writing teacher finally filtered through. When Lawrence finally sat at the keyboard, the books started although Lawrence still touted his writing as a hobby. After marrying the love of his life and with her encouragement, Lawrence made life changes enabling him to steadfastly share his cerebrations with the world. Crossing the lines of numerous genres, Lawrence’s work is not and will never be predictable, except to the extent of its quality and its ability to capture a reader and refuse to let go.

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